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An instrument for the Giant

By Staff | Aug 28, 2016
The Gjallarhorn in all of its glory.
A family of Vikings faithful, above, stands in front of the team’s Gjallarhorn, which traveled to Rochester after its stay in Blue Earth.
Bruce Ankeny gets an earful of the Vikings’ mythological horn.

With a couple of levers and pulleys, the Jolly Green Giant in Blue Earth may finally have had an accessory of its size on Friday, Aug. 19, when a Minnesota Vikings trailer rolled into town to showcase one of the team’s original Gjallarhorns.

An even larger horn was installed in the Vikings’ new U.S. Bank Stadium to carry on an honorary team tradition this season, but an earlier rendition of the franchise’s Nordic instrument, blown before every Vikings home game since 2007, was wheeled out and displayed in Blue Earth’s Giant statue park.

Accompanied by Monterae Carter, a marketing intern for the Vikings, the horn spent Friday afternoon resting in front of the Giant, drawing crowds of all ages Vikings fans and otherwise.

The visiting Gjallarhorn is perhaps best known for its use prior to the Vikings’ January playoff game against the Seattle Seahawks. Cold winds and sub-zero temperatures at TCF?Bank Stadium shattered another horn being used by the team, so the original the one that graced Blue Earth’s grounds was called upon for a celebratory sounding.

Sounded by celebrities like Kevin Love, Joe Mauer and Daunte Culpepper, the horn will have visited Duluth, Mankato, Bloomington, Minnehaha Falls, Austin’s SPAM?Museum and the Minnesota State Fair by the end of its “Sound the North”?tour.