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New Bucs 4 Hope group wants to help others

By Staff | Sep 18, 2016

You may have never heard of something called “Bucs 4 Hope.” But, there is a good reason for that.

It is brand new.

The special fund is being started by a small group of local people and is spearheaded by Dawn Kennedy and her sons.

But, this cancer fundraiser has a twist. It is not raising money to battle cancer or find a cure.

“We wanted to start a fund in Blue Earth that would help families as one of their family members goes through cancer treatment or is dealing with any kind of major illness,” explains Kennedy. “We want to help out families who really need it, at such a tough time in their lives.”

She says her family was so appreciative of all the help and support from the community while they faced having her husband, Bob, go through 15-plus months of cancer treatments.

“We wanted to do something to give back to the community that supported us so much,” she says. “So, with help from some friends, we came up with this idea.”

A lot of people know about the “Coaches Against Cancer” fundraiser, which some Blue Earth Area Buccaneer coaches have participated in before.

“That is a good program,” Kennedy says. “But all the funds go to the statewide program. And, we wanted something on an all-local level. And, we wanted it to help anyone facing any type of serious disease.”

She says the money raised will go to help local families with whatever it is they need help with. Gas, food, lodging, anything even help with insurance co-pays.

And, just how will they raise the money for the fund?

Well, one way is with some T-shirt sales. And, then a special place to wear that shirt.

“We have different designs and colors of shirts, depending on what kind of cancer or illness has affected you or your family,” Kennedy explains. “Our goal is to have everyone wear them to the Oct. 14 home Buccaneer football game. We are calling it the ‘Crush Cancer’ game.”

In order to do that, the shirts need to be pre-ordered by Sept. 30, the date of the Bucs’ Homecoming game.

The shirts are only $15 each and can be ordered at the BEA School Offices or at Heartland Embroidery. An order blank will also appear in next week’s Faribault County Register.

“I want to thank Lissia at Heartland Embroidery for all her work in designing the logos for the shirts and doing so much more to help us,” Kennedy says. “There are others as well, including Coach K (Randy Kuechenmeister), Kris Kuechenmeister and Mary Ellen Rigby and others. They have all had good ideas.”

Now Kennedy says they have established a Bucs 4 Hope non-profit corporation and are establishing a board of directors for the fund.

“While many people are too proud to ask for help, it is just wonderful when you learn how much your friends and the whole community want to help you in your time of need,” Kennedy adds. “This will be a great way to do just that.”

She hopes this fund takes off and that there is a huge rainbow of color in the Buccaneer stands from all the T-shirts worn at the Oct. 14 “Crush Cancer” football game.

“We plan to continue to have fundraisers throughout the year,” Kennedy says.