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Blue Earth 5-year-old finds owner of lost ring in record time

By Staff | Sep 25, 2016

Etta Clay and her mother posted photos of a lost ring on Facebook and found the owner of the ring in about 12 hours after close to 900 shares.

Sept. 4 was a nice, late-summer day when five-year-old Etta Clay and her mother decided to not only go for a little walk, but to play on the Blue Earth Area Elementary School playground.

While Etta enjoyed herself on the playground, something twinkled amidst the wood chips that cover the school’s ground around the equipment.

When asked how she found the ring, little Etta had this to say to the Faribault County Register, after offering its reporter a chocolate chip cookie:

“We were at the school and I was on the playground and then I?went to the bench and then I found the ring,” says Clay.

And when asked what she did with the ring, Etta Clay said she “gived it” to her mom.

Etta Clay, the expressive young lady above, is a kindergartener at BEA Elementary School who found a lost ring at the elementary school playground.

“And then a cop came and gived it back to his grandma’s wife,” says Clay.

But, that’s not completely true, though Etta Clay did her best to get the facts correct. What actually happened is that a local police officer’s wife’s grandmother misplaced the ring only 12 hours before, and the officer just happened to be on duty when retrieving the ring.

So how did young Etta Clay find the owner of the ring in just a matter of 12 hours?

Clay’s mother took photos of the ring and made a post on her Facebook page informing the Blue Earth community of the lost treasure with very special meaning.

The ring seemed to be made of gold. At the center was a golden heart with a band of little diamond stones cascading through the heart shape. On one side of the heart was engraved, “Phyl” while the other side of the heart read the name “Pete.” On the inside of the band read a very important message to the ring-wearer,?”Our Love for Always.”

It was then that Etta and her mother realized how important this beautiful ring must mean to someone, thus taking the find to the many-faceted Facebook.

With 882 shares, the owner of the ring was found in record time. The Clays returned the ring to one of Blue Earth’s police officers and he, in turn, took it home to his family where it belonged.

Both Etta and her mother were surprised at not only how quickly the owners were located, but also astounded at the number of shares the post received on the popular social network site.

“That is a lot of people,” said Etta, who was unaware of the total number of community members who shared the post. “It’s good that we found them. I helped like Spiderman helps people.”

Granted, Etta does not have super-human web-flinging abilities, but she does have a thoughtful heart.

Etta is a member of Mrs. Zierke’s class and says she is already enjoying kindergarten just a few weeks in. Her favorite parts of kindergarten are reading time, when the students get to color, and playing with other students.

“We read a book about Pete the Cat,” Etta told the Register. “And then Pete the Cat ran away and we had to go find him.”

According to Etta, Mrs. Zierke’s class went around the entire Blue Earth Area Elementary school looking for Pete the Cat.

“And when we got back to our room, he was there with lots of goldfishes and we ate them,” says Etta, referring to, of course, the ever-popular goldfish-shaped crackers.

While Etta learns her shapes, numbers, alphabet, math, and how to find cats, it seems that before the school year even started, Etta learned the importance of helping someone find something they lost.

“There are lots of people that like to take things to keep, but I knew it wasn’t mine, so Mommy and me wanted to find out whose it was,” says Etta Clay. “And now Phyl and Pete can get married.”

Perhaps in a larger town, this important ring would have been lost forever, but thanks to Etta’s keen eye and honesty, and help from her mom and the speed of social media, this lost ring was found and returned safely.