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Wells, winter and windows

By Staff | Sep 25, 2016

Mary Bohm displays one of many windows at Custom Window Designs, a family-owned business out of Wells. Part of the company’s service is working with windows in the frosty months of winter.

When it comes to winter, sometimes energy bills can get rather costly. And, you have tried all of the tricks of the trade to cover your windows and doors.

Whether it is with rubber weather sealing, window insulation film, different types of curtains and shades to keep the cold out but let the light in, or the ever-popular draft snakes that are placed on window sills or under doors to prevent cold air from creeping in, it just is not cutting it.

Though these different window treatments have been known to help with those cold leaks and drafts, sometimes it is just time to get new windows.

That is where Wayne and Mary Bohm of Wells come in. They are the owners of Custom Window Designs, LLC, a private, family-owned company in Wells. And, this dynamic duo has been solving window problems for almost 20 years. The Bohms have lived in Wells all of their lives and Wayne has been in the home construction industry for over 35 years, himself.

“We have had our business change a little bit over the years, but we have been Custom Window Designs since 2012,” says Mary Bohm. And with nearly five years of dedicated, personal service, the Bohms have found their niche in helping homeowners spruce up and save money nearly 40 percent of a homeowner’s energy bill, to be more precise.

The Bohms work with specific window companies which have an array of different products, suitable for any budget, to help cut costs. They have been in Wells for a good many years and appreciate the small-town community. And as is in the name they also do customized work.

“We can fit any window with ease,” says Bohm.

The timeframe for the windows to be ordered and come into the store does vary, but Bohm says the windows which are installed by Custom Window Designs can be put into a house in as little as 20 minutes.

“Even in the dead of winter, if a window needs replacing, we come and get it done. The window installation process moves fairly quickly. We simply close off the room with the window, take the old window out, and replace it with the new windows,” Bohm says.

So how does a new window or two save on energy bills?

The double paned glass of each window is actually filled with argon and krypton gas to not only keep warm air in, but to keep cool air out. The frames of the windows which Custom Window Designs uses also have installation in them, which helps your home to stay warm or cool depending on the season.

Not only that, but a good variety of Custom Window Designs’ windows have anti-theft mechanisms that prevent a window from being pulled up or down at a certain point.

“This safety feature is huge,” says Bohm. “Many families are naturally concerned with intruders and take measures to not only protect their house, but insure it as well. Consider these anti-theft locks just another kind of insurance.”

Bohm says that a well-installed window should last 30 to 40 years, and if her team installs your windows and an accident occurs where the glass breaks for whatever reason, glass replacement is free.

“We have all had that one pebble from mowing the lawn go flying at our window and breaking it or cracking it. I’m sure we have all been there at some point. That’s why we doas much as we can for our customers to be treated well when those circumstances arise,” says Bohm.

To the Bohms, that is what is truly important in their business. Windows are merely, well, a window, into what they truly are passionate about their community.

“We live in a small town, and we know each other. We know the other companies that work to get houses looking beautiful, and those companies are able to work together in our town. I love being able to refer someone to another business in Wells, and I truly appreciate being referred to by someone else,” says Bohm. “It just makes me happy knowing that we have a community that can work together.”

Not only do the Bohms appreciate working with others, they appreciate seeing the progress they’ve made. Mary keeps a collection of photos of all of the work they have done in the past to show not only the variety, but the amount of work which has been done.

“Windows are kind of like the jewelry of your house,” says Bohm. “When you put jewelry on, you want to glimmer and shine and show your individuality. Windows are the same way for your home. Why not have jewelry that saves you money,” she laughs.