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Promoting Blue Earth

By Staff | Aug 6, 2017

“The earth so rich the city grows.”

That is Blue Earth’s well-known motto, and it seems like this little catch phrase is working and will be working harder in the future.

Members of the Blue Earth Community Foundation (BECF) have collaborated with the Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation (SMIF) as well as other local entities like the Blue Earth Housing Redevelopment Authority, Economic Development Authority, Blue Earth Area Schools, and United Hospital District, to begin marketing the Blue Earth area for more development.

The Community Collaboration Grant Committee, a subcommittee of BECF, has been working all year long towards bringing dollars and organizations together to work on a long-term promotional campaign for the Blue Earth area.

The idea, which is said to be the brain child of city administrator Tim Ibisch, started out with a notification from SMIF informing the community of a potential grant for $10,000 to go towards creating a collaboration in the community.

In February, the community collaboration grant was awarded to the BECF. Lars Bierly spear-headed the sub-committee and has been working diligently since February with a group of BECF members to bring in more partners into the collaboration, and thus, creating more opportunity to expand on the collaboration venture.

Bierly says the project is still in its infancy, however, the collaboration has gained enough traction to select a media group called Otto Media out of Mankato to redesign the city’s website. And that is just for starters.

“After getting the web page redesigned, we’re looking at some other marketing tools like videos and brochures to gain more momentum and have more eyes looking at Blue Earth,” says Bierly. “We have a safe, clean city with a wonderful school district and a great hospital and that’s what this grant is working on bringing more eyes to look at our city for development or for new residents.”

For Bierly, the investment in the community is more than just dollars and cents. He says it speaks volumes of the type of community the Blue Earth area is when groups like the EDA, HRA, school and hospital systems can all come together for a beneficial and realistic cause.

“We’ve got a great community and a great opportunity to grow the entire Blue Earth area into something even greater than it already is,” says Bierly.

Now, with close to $25,000 contributed towards the Community Collaboration Grant, what started out as a small pool of dollars and a small idea, has blossomed into flowering potential for the city and its future.