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Blue Earth Chamber has a new administrative assistant

By Staff | Sep 10, 2017

Poetter shows she and the giant are both known for their smiles.

Much like that of the Jolly Green Giant that she now watches over with Blue Earth Chamber director, Cindy Lyon, the new chamber assistant, Shellie Poetter, seems to wear a constant smile and brings a jovial spirit to the chamber.

Poetter, who is married to her husband Dan, moved to the area, Frost specifically, when she was five years old. Since then, Poetter has lived in the area, if you do not count the few years she was away at college where she met her husband.

The two local faces have a son named Lukas, 22, who is the sixth generation to be plowing the Poetter fields in Faribault County. They also have a daughter by the name of Lexi, who is 19 and currently attending Minnesota State University, Mankato. The Poetter family also have two dogs Blossom, a border collie, and Zeus, their five-month-old German Shepherd.

For Poetter and her family, there is no place like home. Once the Poetters married and started their family, they farmed the family fields together, as a family. Then, in 2012, the Poetters purchased a house just near their own homestead which Shellie has now turned into her own rentable craft cottage known as the “Country Cottage Craft Retreat.”

“We rent it out for weekends, or when someone is visiting town for a family gathering, they enjoy staying in a home atmosphere rather than a hotel,” says Poetter.

It is this sense of hospitality and Poetter’s welcoming nature that lured her to her new position in the chamber office.

“I have always considered Blue Earth home,” she says. “This is where my kids grew up and this is where my heart is. I love being here. Our community is just so awesome.” And that enthusiasm comes naturally for Poetter. With her background as a hostess to her cottage retreat, along with her affinity for all things creative and crafty, it seems Poetter may have found her niche with the chamber.

“I love reaching out to people, this job is like taking my favorite things and bunching them all together,” she says.

And that’s only two days on the job. Poetter’s official first day was on Sept. 5, and after day two, Poetter shared her feelings about the job so far.

“This is the second day, and these have been the two best days I’ve ever had on a job,” she giggles. “It’s a perfect fit, truly. It weaves into what I’ve already been dedicating many years to doing and I love keeping busy.”

Poetter says the job came at a perfect time. As her two children are now beginning on their own, and as the farmers are waiting for their crops to grow, just before harvest, Shellie Poetter says the chamber is a warm welcome to keep her plate full which is the way she likes it.

And what perfect timing for the chamber director, as well. As plans begin to pick up pace for the new chamber building and visitor’s center, Poetter says she is ready to not only see what happens, but to be able to lend as many hands as she can to the new project.

“It’s so exciting,” she says. “I think this new chamber building is going to bring so much more to our city than what we already have out there.”

Poetter says anytime she is out to visit the Jolly Green Giant, himself, there is always a handful of people taking photos of the green, majestic giant.

“To be able to meet people from all over the country and hear about how they made it to Blue Earth is just so fun,” says Poetter. “I was speaking with an 80-year-old woman from Memphis, Tennessee who was driving all the way up to South Dakota for her sister-in-law’s 90th birthday. I got such a kick out of that, everyone has such amazing stories to tell.”

Whether its getting her hands into some paperwork, helping with garage sales, or prepping plans to flaunt a new visitor’s center, Poetter says she is prepared for whatever is thrown at her as the new administrative assistant for Blue Earth’s chamber of commerce.