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Is she in or is she out?

By Staff | Oct 15, 2017

Will Robin Leslie be returning to work as the city administrator just weeks after resigning?

In a letter to the Wells City Council postmarked Oct. 9, the same day of the council’s regularly scheduled meeting, Leslie stated she would rescind her resignation letter.

She referred the council members to the “separation of employment and general release agreement” she submitted to city attorney David Frundt on Oct. 5.

“If said agreement is not approved by you (council) on Oct. 9, I will return to my regular duties on Tuesday, Oct. 10, 2017 until such time my employment contract is terminated by an agreeable employment separation agreement,” stated Leslie’s letter.

However, city attorney David Frundt stated he was unsure the law allows Leslie to specifically do that and stated Leslie has not, yet, returned to work.

She also requested her performance review be held in an open meeting if she was unable to attend her own performance evaluation, which she stated she was not notified of.

On the council’s agenda last Monday was, indeed, a closed session regarding the performance evaluation of Robin Leslie, but while the meeting began and a request for any additions or subtractions were made to the agenda, the closed session topic was removed.

The two remaining closed session items on the agenda, regarding the discussion of a separation agreement with Leslie, and labor negotiations with local AFSCME, IUOE and LELS, did take place. No action was taken during either of the closed sessions, and no agreement was made regarding Leslie’s separation from the council.

A special meeting was held Friday, Oct. 13, to further discuss and work on an agreement for Leslie’s separation of employment. Details of the meeting will be reported in the next edition of the Faribault County Register.