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No feuding in this family – they are a team

By Staff | Oct 29, 2017

The Jorgenson team on the set at the Family Feud TV game show. Left to right are Jake Blome, Stacie Anderson, Jamie Woodburn, Family Feud host Steve Harvey, Diane Jorgenson and Eldon Jorgenson.

Remember a few years back, there was a story in the Faribault County Register about Diane Jorgenson, of Ledyard, Iowa, being on the TV show “Deal or No Deal?”

Well, Jorgenson is going to be back on TV again, this time on the game show “Family Feud.”

And, this time she took members of her family along with for the ride. After all, you need five relatives on your team.

The Jorgenson family will appear on the show on Nov. 6 and 7. And, “Family Feud” is actually airing a commercial promoting the Jorgenson family’s appearance.

The group of five includes Diane and Eldon Jorgenson, daughter Stacie Anderson of Welcome, Jamie (Blome) Woodburn of Long Lake and Jake Blome of Maple Grove.

Diane Jorgenson started hearing from friends that “Family Feud” would be holding a casting call in Minneapolis a year ago, in September of 2016.

She sent in a video and got an appointment to try out. When they got there, there were 250 other hopeful contestants and each family would play a shortened version of the game with two questions answered.

“The casting crew didn’t care if you won or lost, but how you would be on camera and the way you projected yourself,” Jorgenson says. “Fun, exciting and natural people is what they want.”

After watching 25 games, the Jorgensons were told “if ‘Family Feud’ is interested in your family, you will receive a post- card in 30 days.” They also had to be filmed doing their family introduction.

In 30 days they got the card and after many emails and phone calls, they were on their way to Atlanta, Georgia, on April 6. Or so they thought. Due to storms their flight was cancelled and rescheduled to May 24.

“But for some reason our family and friends who were flying out to Atlanta to watch us tape the show were able to get there,” Jorgenson says. “But we, the five contestants, did not.”

When the big day did come, the Jorgenson family arrived at the studio dressed for the show.

“There were several families there and we were briefed on the rules and the show,” Jorgenson says. “We were told not all families will be taped for the show, so we were relieved when we were the second family to tape.”

The stage is big and colorful, Jorgenson says.

“We were standing behind our microphones, with the “Family Feud” theme song playing and here comes Steve Harvey,” Jorgenson says. “The excitement was out of control at this point. There were so many laughs and the experience was incredible.”

It turned out that one of the producers on the Family Feud was Jorgenson’s coach when she was on Deal or No Deal.

“He came up on the stage at the end of the show and said, ‘I cannot believe I am seeing you again, I never knew you were coming,” Jorgenson relates. “He thought there was something familiar about us, and when I talked with Steve Harvey he recognized my voice from eight years ago.”

Jorgenson said she was told that there were 5,000 families interviewed for the “Family Feud” show this year, or a total of 25,000 people. So, she feels very fortunate to have been chosen.

Lucky hardly describes it. Besides her stint on “Deal or No Deal,” and now being on “Family Feud,” Jorgenson has also been on “The Price is Right” not once, but two times.

“And every one of these experiences (being on game shows) has been nothing short of incredible,” she says.