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Wells, Leslie, agree to her separation pay

By Staff | Oct 29, 2017

The city of Wells has now officially parted ways from their consensus relationship with former city administrator Robin Leslie. Both parties have reached a separation of employment and general release agreement.

According to the terms of the agreement, Leslie’s last official day as city administrator was Oct. 20. Leslie will receive her regular salary for the pay cycle ending on or before that date.

As part of the agreement, Leslie will receive an amount equal to five months salary at her previous pay rate. For this portion of the severance pact, Leslie will receive a lump sum of $34,034.

Leslie’s current health, dental, and long term disability insurance coverages are also part of the agreement. The value of this continued benefit package through March 2018 equals $3,776.05.

Additionally, Leslie will be compensated for all earned sick leave and vacation days to date. This part of the severance shall be paid in a lump sum in the amount of $20,734.56.

Council member Whitney Harig voted against the agreement.

Other action items from the meeting included:

Scott Linde and Steve Kloos of the Wells Fire Department requested to switch the fire relief association assets to the $1,600 benefit level of the state funded PERA (Public Employees Retirement Association) system. The council voted unanimously to approve the request. This change also means Wells firefighters must serve a minimum of 20 years and be at least 50 years old in order to qualify for retirement benefits.

Three farmland lease bids were accepted by the council. Bryan Voight’s bid of $220 per acre for 46.6 acres of South Waste Water Treatment was approved.

Paul Kalis’ bid of $170 per acre for 15 acres of land abutting the Wells Municipal Airport was accepted. Meanwhile, Mitch Treptow’s bid of $406 for approximately five acres with less than three of those acres classified as tillable farmland in the West Meadow Subdivision was also accepted.

A motion was carried to update the deed of a vacant lot owned by Thelma Brandt. The lot is located along the residential area of Sixth Street.

A motion was passed to grant Lenny Sonnek of the Wells VFW a six month lease extension on the building. Sonnek plans to finish construction work on the facility’s kitchen by springtime.

Building official Bryan Stensland was appointed as the Wells interim zoning administrator.

A special work session was scheduled for Monday, Nov. 13, at 4 p.m. to discuss the duties and responsibilities of the city administrator job posting, as well as budgetary issues.