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BEA students facing felony charges in alleged assault

By Staff | Nov 26, 2017

Wyatt Eugene Tungland, 18, of Frost, has been charged with two felony counts of assault. One regarding third degree assault resulting in substantial bodily harm, and another regarding third degree aiding and abetting in an assault.

Dalton Lee Nagel, also 18, of Blue Earth, has also been charged regarding the same incident, only being charged with felony third degree aiding and abetting in an assault.

Two minors, noted as C.R.O. and B.J.B. have also been charged with felony assault and aiding and abetting assault in juvenile court.

Both the two men and the two juveniles were seen by the Faribault County District Court on Nov. 20, regarding their charges. The two adult males were seen regarding a bail hearing, and both were released on their own personal recognizance with interim conditions to uphold until their next hearing dates.

All four persons involved are students at Blue Earth Area High School.

According to Winnebago Police reports, on Nov. 9, Officer Jacob Pettit of the Winnebago Police Department was advised by Chief Eric Olson that an assault may have taken place. Olson informed Pettit that a juvenile had been assaulted and knocked unconscious by an adult male, Wyatt Tungland.

Officer Pettit investigated the matter by approaching a number of juveniles and asking if they had heard anything about the fight.

He was told that a fight had taken place at a party, which was held at another BEA student’s family home on Oct. 19, and that the incident had been filmed. How the incident was filmed has not been identified in police documentation. Pettit continued to speak with juveniles in the area about the incident and developed a list of persons of interest.

One of those persons of interest was a juvenile witness. This witness told the officer he had seen Tungland punching the victim in the face while others at the house party, located in Winnebago, held the victim down. The witness to the incident specifically identified juvenile B.J.B., Dalton Nagel, and juvenile C.R.O. as the people holding down the victim of the attack.

Officer Pettit interviewed the victim who reported that he had been in a dispute with B.J.B. before the night in question. The victim of the incident was invited to the house party in Winnebago, and during that party, he was attacked. He recalled being pushed down and punched in the face then became unconscious, according to reports.

The next day, his face was swollen and bruised. He returned to school for football practice where B.J.B. showed him a video of B.J.B. and C.R.O. punching him in the face. Police reports indicated that later, the victim received medical attention where it was discovered he had suffered a concussion because of the attack. He also suffered swelling and bruises on his face.

Pettit interviewed C.R.O. and he admitted that he, Tungland, Nagel, and B.J.B. hit the victim in the head and face with open and closed hands and fists. C.R.O. also admitted that the victim tried to get up, but they pushed him down and continued to hit him.

Reports state arrests of the students involved were made late in the evening of Nov. 17.

Tungland and Nagel’s interim conditions, after being released, are to remain law abiding, to make all future court appearances, to make and maintain contact with their attorneys, to keep the court informed of their current addresses, to not have contact with the victim or enter the victim’s place of residence, no use or possession of alcohol or other substance use, and are subject to random testing.

Tungland’s initial Rule 8 appearance is scheduled for Nov. 27 in Faribault County District Court, while Nagel will appear on Dec. 4 for an omnibus hearing.