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USC board updated on World’s Best Workforce idea

By Staff | Nov 26, 2017

The United South Central School Board was invited by Edna Husman to discuss last year’s results and goals from the World’s Best Workforce and to move forward with next year’s goals during their meeting last Tuesday.

According to the summary of the goals and results for the 2016-17 provided by Husman, last year, kindergarten readiness surpassed their goal of 80 percent of students being ready with 88 percent of their students being ready for kindergarten. One hundred percent of their students met the qualifications required by the state of Minnesota regarding age and vaccinations.

For students who should read well by grade three, USC’s goal was to have 100 percent of their students reading well by grade three as determined by the grade three Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment in Reading. USC’s goal was set at five percent higher than the 57.3 percent that was achieved in the 2015-16 year, and they found 62.2 percent of their students in third grade were proficient in reading. They achieved a 4.9 percent increase.

With regards to the achievement gap closure, the percent of free and reduced lunch students who earn achievement levels, USC did not meet either of their goals; shooting for 60.4 percent in 2017 in math and 56.9 percent in reading. In math, the percent proficient decreased by 1.7 percent and in reading the percent increased by only .2 percent.

The percent of special education students who earn achievement levels that met or exceeded the math MCA?score was hoping to increase from 37.9 percent in 2016 to 41.9 percent in 2017. USC did not achieve that goal, nor did they achieve their goal of special education students who earn achievement levels of ‘meets or exceeds’ on the reading MCA. They hoped that would increase from 32.8 percent to 38.8 percent.

Hispanic students who earn achievement levels with meets or exceeds levels for the reading MCA was hoping to increase from 40 percent in 2016 to 43 percent in 2017. USC came very close to their goal, achieving 42.8 percent efficiency. While in the math MCA, for hispanic students, USC hoped the percentage would increase from 58.2 percent in 2016 to 62.2 percent in 2017. Unfortunately, they came up short and actually found a decrease of .5 percent with regards to math proficiency in Hispanic students.

With regards to career and college readiness, USC’s goal was to have 50 percent of their students’ career and college readiness based on the ACT?benchmarks. Based on those results, USC did not attain their 50 percent goal, finding only 15 percent of their students achieved the benchmarks.

USC’s Minnesota 4-year graduation rate goal was set at 85.3 percent for the 2016-17 year, being two percent higher than the prior year of 83.3 percent. USC’s graduating class rate was set at 93.5 percent being two percent higher than the prior year of 91.5 percent. USC did achieve and even surpassed this goal in regards to the graduating class. Their graduation rate for last year was 94.4 percent.

The World’s Best Workforce goals for the following year will soon be posted to the USC School District’s website, which the board approved of during their meeting.

In other business during the regularly scheduled meeting, the board heard updates from both the elementary and the high school principals on activities and awards presented to students throughout the first quarter of the year.

They also heard from superintendent Keith Fleming who shared the USC school is in the middle of their strategic planning for the next few years and will have their next strategic planning meeting on Wednesday, Nov. 29 at 6 p.m. in the school’s media center.

The board also approved a number of extra service agreements, considered and approved the off-site prom proposal, and approved the sale of a number of surplus property items to be placed on an online auction site.

“Is the old football site a part of that surplus property?” asked school board member Brad Heggen.

“Yes,” was superintendent Fleming’s reply. “I think we will be able to discuss that piece of surplus property in length at our December meeting.”

With that, the school board was excited to get their Thanksgiving break under way and adjourned the meeting just 31 minutes after it was called to order.

Their next regular meeting is scheduled for Dec. 19 at 5:30 p.m. in USC’s community education room.