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Two BEA seniors receive Triple A honors

By Staff | Jan 14, 2018

In addition to their high level academic pursuits, Triple A award winners Jacob Vaske and Lindsey Norman have also earned recognition for their extra curricular endeavors. While Vaske is a captain on BEA’s football and basketball teams, Norman is involved in basketball, volleyball, track and field. Both student-athletes also enjoy participating in the school choir, as well as mentoring their fellow classmates.

Athletics, arts, and academia. Triple A. The coveted title many high school students choose to pursue, or just happen to qualify for because they enjoy being engaged in their school. That just happens to be the case for this years’ two Blue Earth Area Triple A award winners; Lindsey Norman and Jacob Vaske.

Norman, who was a captain for the volleyball team, and is currently a captain in basketball, is also involved in track and field, choir, peer helping, National Honor Society (NHS), and Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA). She says she just enjoys being busy and building relationships with other students she may not necessarily spend time with in her regular circle of friends.

“Being involved in different groups and activities gives me an opportunity to build relationships with other people, and it has. I enjoy being a part of a team for sports, and having conversations with friends in groups like peer helping and FCA,” says Norman.

She says she is unsure as to where she would like to attend college next year, but adds she is definitely interested in pursuing something in physical therapy.

For Vaske, who plans on attending Iowa State University for a degree in agriculture engineering, he enjoys being involved in team sports, too.

“I love football and enjoy the team atmosphere with the group,” he says. “And contact sports are definitely a rush.”

Vaske was a captain for the BEA?football team, is currently a captain for BEA’s basketball team, and is also involved in peer helping and choir. He says it is important to stay active at school in order to keep busy and it gives him something to do instead of being bored.

Boredom is one thing these two student-athletes do not seem to struggle with. Norman and Vaske both have jam-packed schedules from morning until night. And so the question begs: how does a student in today’s modern era keep track of all of their athletic meets, extra-curricular activities, meetings, academics, and even jobs?

“It is all about prioritizing,” says Vaske. “You have to know when to put something important in front of something that isn’t as important. And once you learn how to do that, it only benefits you and your future.”

“When you make the commitment to give your time and effort to something, it’s like making a promise. And once you fulfill that promise, it is all worth the effort in the end,” says Norman.

January is National Mentoring Month, and both Vaske and Norman say they have had mentors to look up to when it comes to being the Triple A award winners.

“Krista Hassing was always a mentor of mine. I always looked up to her,” says Norman of the BEA?graduate. “She was involved in so many things in school and balanced everything so well and she was well-liked. I definitely looked up to her, as early as seventh grade.”

As for Vaske, he had many male role models in his own family who he looked up to. As a result, the multi-sport standout is more than qualified to serve in a mentorship capacity for his fellow Blue Earth Area students.

“My brother, Zachary Vaske, and cousins Calvin and Chris Sanders all were involved in athletics, arts, and did well in school. I looked up to them. They not only knew how to balance their priorities, they taught me how to do it. I definitely look up to them for that,” says Vaske.

One thing is for certain, while trying to balance all three A’s involved in the Triple A award, it seems Norman and Vaske have their methods down pat.