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CEDA contract approved by EDA

By Staff | Jan 28, 2018

It’s official.

At a short, special meeting last Tuesday afternoon, the Faribault County Economic Development Authority (EDA) voted unanimously to hire a company to do the administration work of the EDA.

The EDA members agreed to a contract with Community Economic Development Associates (CEDA) of Chatfield, Minnesota.

It is the same firm the city of Blue Earth recently also contracted with. Blue Earth has a three day a week contract, while the county EDA agreed to a two-day per week contract.

The cost to the county EDA will be $41,122 per year. The EDA board receives between $50,000 to $55,000 from the county so the cost of the contract will be within its budget.

EDA members questioned whether the CEDA person will have an office in the Blue Earth City Hall or off-site.

“I believe it will be at the Ag Center,” said EDA and County Board member Bill Groskreutz. “We have discussed it with the city and I believe it will be in the former chiropractor office and not where FCDC (Faribault County Development Corporation) was located.”

Groskreutz said he understood the city would be charging the county EDA rent for the space at a cost of $200 per month.

It was anticipated the new CEDA person would have started for the city this week, but would not start working for the county until Feb. 1.

EDA board chair John Herman and member Lars Bierly are in charge of working with the CEDA person for the first month, although board members did discuss setting goals for the year as well.

“We need to have all of our paper work caught up with, as well as several pending possible business projects and loans,” Herman said.

The EDA’s next meeting will be Feb. 20, at the Ag Center, where they hope to meet their new staff person and go over goals for 2018.