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Somethin’ about a truck

By Staff | Apr 9, 2018

The green machine, itself, above, is the very truck that started all of the commotion for Blake Greenfield and his Wells-based dealership. Greenfield and his team have done a number of trucks already with the highly acclaimed BIG?10 retro pack kit. At the top are two more contemporary Chevy trucks outfitted to look like models from the 70s with two tone panel, white painted wheels, and chrome details like door handles and mirror caps. Greenfield says the calls for kits have been non-stop since this past December.

It all started when Laverne Greenfield purchased a brand new 1973 Chevy truck and a young Blake Greenfield, from that point, had life-long memories of his father and that truck.

Fast forward to last year when Blake Greenfield purchased a green 2014 Chevy Silverado LT extended cab at his Blake Greenfield Chevrolet Buick dealership located in Wells.

It was a green so horrendous, Greenfield’s employees and friends had to give him a little guff for it.

“That’s when I said, ‘I’m going to make this look like Dad’s old truck,” says Greenfield whose father passed away in 2003, but the memories of his father and that 1973 Chevy truck stuck at the forefront of his mind.

It was then that Greenfield spoke with his cousin Ray, who has a knack for outfitting and painting vehicles.

“I said I wanted to make it look like a 70s two-tone pickup, with steel, white wagon wheels, chrome handles the works,” says Greenfield. “I picked the coolest things I remembered about my dad’s truck as a boy and put it on my truck.”

By early December, the truck was finished. Greenfield placed his new pride and joy out on the lot to show off, and within minutes, a friend of Greenfield’s posted a photo of the truck on social media.

And the entire nation went berserk.

“My buddy Chad posted a picture on Facebook, and by the next morning, we had 20 to 30 calls on our dealership phone asking for similar work to be done on their vehicles, or asking if the truck was for sale,” he said.

The original truck that started a now nation-wide fad, was for Blake Greenfield’s own personal enjoyment.

“I wanted a signature truck, like Dad’s, so when people saw the truck, they’d say, ‘oh, there’s Blake Greenfield in his green truck,'” he says.

Now, he has created what he calls a retro pack, at both his Wells dealership location, and in his new Spring Valley location. The pack suits models of Chevy trucks from 2014 to current Chevys, but he says he is willing to work with any year of Chevy truck to fit the retro pack kit.

The kit, which costs less than $6,000, includes a front-end rear lift kit, wheels, center caps, air pressure sensors, off road tires, chrome door handles and mirror caps, metal badges for the front fenders, and a two-tone wrap effect in vinyl.

“We can do full service customization in our shop in Spring Valley for those who are weary of vinyl wraps,” he says. “We had a guy from New York who wanted it painted instead of the vinyl and it worked out really well.”

Since December, Greenfield’s trucks have been a hot commodity. So far, he’s sold his BIG?10 retro pack kits to people in Minnesota, Iowa, New York, Arkansas, and South Dakota.

“We are working on scheduling and sharing the load of orders between both store locations, but it’s been really fun doing this and seeing the reactions from folks,” says Greenfield.

One of Greenfield’s favorite things now is driving down I-90 and getting stares, glares, waves and many a thumbs-up from passersby.

“I’ll be driving and someone will try to pass me, and after a while, I’ll notice they’re staying in the passing lane,” he says. “I will look over and someone will be smiling and waving or giving me a thumbs up. It feels good. It makes me smile.”

Greenfield, originally from Jewel, Iowa, started his Wells business in 2013 after purchasing his store from Chuck and Paul Hinkley. He says his father’s influence on his career and love of Chevy trucks has always left an impression on him. Greenfield even purchased his own Chevy at the age of 15.

“In 1990, I bought a 1970 Chevy regular cab short box, with huge pipes,” he recalls. “I made a ruckus with that truck. I’m a Chevy guy through and through.”

Greenfield says he never expected a response like this, but finds it very enjoyable.

“We can find period-correct components for someone who is looking for accuracy, we can do paint, people can bring in their own truck, or purchase a new or used vehicle from us,”?says Greenfield.

Whether new or old, it seems nothing can get in the way of a man and his favorite truck.