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They are just about ready to get cookin’

By Staff | May 20, 2018

Lennie Sonnek stands next to the VFW’s new etched concrete counter.

Almost finished.

At least that’s the Wells Veterans of Foreign War’s (VFW) hope after it receives its final health inspection on its new kitchen at the end of the month.

After almost a full year, if not more, of toiling away at their new VFW location, it seems things are extremely close to completion.

Lennie Sonnek, a member of the VFW and retired contractor, has been working diligently on the project with a number of workers and volunteers.

Sonnek had just recently joined the VFW before he was assigned to this hefty project, which, to him, has been a labor of importance.

“This space will not only serve our local veterans,” says Sonnek standing in the VFW’s new kitchen and dining area. “But it serves as a community space as well.”

With the new bar opened last fall and working well for VFW patrons so far, Sonnek says there are just a few more bits and pieces to put into place before completion.

And with the Wells City Council well aware of their financial affairs, the VFW is excited to be continuing forward with the project.

Housed right next to the VFW’s old stomping grounds where it was closed due to hazardous asbestos and lead contaminants, sits a new, clean, and updated space for veterans who have served on foreign soil to come and kick up their boots, support their community, and get something good to eat.

The list of updates in the new building, besides a new dining room and kitchen area? A new furnace, new condenser, repairs on the roof, new counters, new floors, and five coats of new paint. Yes, five coats.

Sonnek says he and his crew worked diligently on getting as many local companies and products to assist with the remodeling project.

“Hopefully, by the end of May, we will get the go ahead from the health inspector and be back into full swing,” says Sonnek. “We’ve had great help from a lot of folks including Donnie Klocek, Jake Tolzman, and a bunch of other folks and volunteers. It’s been great to see everyone helping where they can.”

When the VFW’s members are not assisting their patrons, they are usually involved in community activities such as Memorial and Veterans Day services, providing donations for wounded and homeless service men and women, and assisting with local charities, like that of church suppers at St. Casimir’s School. They even help with baseball and softball events in the Wells area.

Just a few more weeks, and the Wells VFW, which integrated the Blue Earth VFW into its membership around three years ago, will be back at it in full force.