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Schools get FCDC funding

By Staff | May 27, 2018

The Blue Earth Area and United South Central School Districts recently announced they received nearly $150,000 in financial assets from the dissolved Faribault County Development Corporation (FCDC).

The funds will be shared by both school districts to increase current instruction and training in pathways that lead to manufacturing careers. The additional opportunities will be embedded in career and technology curriculum, which includes courses in the areas of science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM).

Specifically, the funds will be used to purchase CNC computerized manufacturing machines and other related manufacturing equipment. Each high school will purchase different machines and provide collaborative opportunities for students to learn on all of the machines and other equipment located at each high school. The machines will also be made available to train community members through future community education courses.

The funds will also be utilized for staff training along with curriculum development. In addition, funds will allow both high schools to purchase the necessary supplies and materials to operate the machines as well as provide for travel and other related expenses.

Both school districts are excited for these new learning opportunities and ability to collaborate within the county and between the two schools. These programs will be available for our students and community members for many years to come.

“I cannot foresee a better or more effective way to invest back into our county and communities. This will provide an effective platform for educating and training our youth with the needed skill sets that our communities and manufacturing businesses need, especially in terms of a trained workforce,” Michael Gustafson, FCDC board chair, commented. “This will also provide the needed education curriculum and equipment to allow us a viable chance of retaining the trained workforce within our county.”

FCDC dissolved at the end of 2017. It had been handling the economic development duties for the county and several cities.