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United South Central “craves” a new dance experience

By Staff | Jun 3, 2018

There is a unique dance party coming to the school gymnasium of United South Central starting at 7 p.m. on Saturday, June 9.

The idea for the dance party, fully equipped with live DJs in Wells, was initiated by a group called Crave the Movement. The non-profit organization was started by co-founders Josh and Victoria Rich. Together, the two siblings from Central City, Kentucky, will host parties in locations across the United States and Mexico this year.

Crave the Movement was started because in January of 2013, a close friend of Victoria’s met an untimely death due to a drug overdose.

After such a traumatizing experience, Rich and her brother took it upon themselves to create a positive shift in youth culture by hosting drug and alcohol free raves for young adults around the country. As Rich explains, these rave parties allow young adults to have a good time in a responsible manner.

“We try to show kids that they can have a blast without using drugs or alcohol,” Rich says.

According to the organization’s website, cravethemovement.com, they will be hosting raves in places such as Memphis, San Diego, Dallas and Chicago later this year.

With so many popular American cities to party in, what made the rural town of Wells, Minnesota, an attractive destination to host a rave? As it turns out, Wells business owner Bill Schuster’s daughter, Leah, forged a personal relationship with the Rich siblings.

While working in the customer service field in the Twin Cities, Leah, 28, met Josh and Victoria at Passion Church in Maple Grove. This unique friendship led to the idea of expanding the Crave the Movement initiative into Wells.

Meanwhile, Schuster views the party as a way to promote positive recreational opportunities for young adults in the area.

“It’s a social media based group that has gained a lot of momentum on Facebook and Instagram,” Schuster says. “It gives the youth more things to do and it’s a fun party that will help reach out to a lot of people.”