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It’s now down to two

By Staff | Aug 5, 2018

Craig DeYoung, principal of Dexter Consolidated Schools in New Mexico, was a finalist for the job of BEA High School principal.

With a total of 25 applicants for the vacant Blue Earth Area High School principal position, persons from the BEA School District conducted interviews with five finalists at the high school on Monday, July 30.

After roughly five hours of interviews and deliberation, the field of candidates was narrowed down to two.

Each of the five principal finalists met with two panel groups consisting of school faculty, board members, parents and students. While BEA superintendent Evan Gough led one group of panelists, Blue Earth Area Middle School principal Melissa McGuire led a separate group of panelists.

Gough and McGuire asked each candidate a series of 22 scripted questions while others on the panel took notes as the principal candidates gave their answers.

Once the interviews concluded, panelists spoke among themselves to share their thoughts on each candidate. The field of candidates was initially narrowed down to three after Aitkin Public Schools assistant principal Chad Pederson and Fulda Public Schools principal Tyson Walker were eliminated from consideration.

Andrea Malo, a principal at Austin High School, who interviewed for the Blue Earth Area High School principal position six years ago, drew strong consideration from both panels, as did Greg Ewing, a K-12 principal from Butterfield-Odin Public Schools. Craig DeYoung, a high school principal from Dexter Consolidated Schools in New Mexico, was also among both panels top three candidates following the interviews.

After further discussion between both panels, it was determined that DeYoung was eliminated from consideration. With two candidates remaining, Gough requested a straw poll vote in order to gauge the overall opinion of the panels.

While the results of the poll are not immediately known, the BEA superintendent indicated he would communicate via email once a final decision has been made.

Gough did not target a specific date for when the decision on BEA’s next high school principal will be made. Additionally, he did not rule out the possibility of a second round of interviews with the two remaining candidates. However, Gough stated he would be comfortable with either of the remaining candidates moving forward.

“Quite frankly, I think this is a great problem to have,” said Gough. “We are very blessed to have this many great candidates to choose from.”