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Featured quilter’s unique lettering highlighted at EXPO

By Staff | Aug 19, 2018

2018’s featured quilter for the Upper Midwest Woodcarvers and Quilt EXPO, Julie Post stands in front of some of her own works at the EXPO which took place Aug. 10-12. Post is from Titonka, Iowa.

When asked what got her started quilting, 2018 Upper Midwest Woodcarvers and Quilt EXPO Featured Quilter Julie Post says she has always liked it. From watching her grandmother and helping her hand-quilt, to starting on her own and digging deep into books, magazines, and eventually blogs and online communities to learn more, Post says she was bitten by the bug over 20 years ago.

She is married to Ken Post, and together they had three boys Dan, Mike, and Chris. She also has two grandsons named Zander and Luke. All six men of the family were sewn quilts by the featured quilter, and each quilt is uniquely their own.

Post, who is from Titonka, Iowa, and works as a Braille transcriber at Algona schools, says she found the quilting EXPO around five years ago when she and some friends made the small hike up to Blue Earth to explore the EXPO.

“It was like a quilting group with no rules,” she says. “It was calm and relaxing, we could bring our show and tell projects, we could ask questions, buy materials, and there are usually one or two sessions where you learn something new.”

Now, she’s become the featured quilter, and one of the greatest features of her quilts are her uniquely patterned letters that she shared with quilters at the EXPO.

“It’s just a lettering pattern that I’d won in a giveaway and I just love the look of them, so I use them fairly often,” says Post. She says her favorite part of quilting is piecing things together and figuring it out; sometimes with a pattern and some times without.

“There are times where I sit on a quilt for a long time before I figure it out, but the EXPO?really helped me to finish up a lot of projects,” she laughs. “It was nice to have a deadline, even if it did cause some anxiety for me to get everything done. I did it, and I’m very honored to be featured, and am very happy to have the finished products.”

Post’s favorite quilt featured at the show was a large Texas quilt she made for her daughter-in-law, Allie.

“She doesn’t know it’s even here at the EXPO,” says Post. “I’m hoping she comes to see it and reads who the owner of the quilt is. She’s from Texas, so I made this one for her. I really love the way it turned out.”

The weekend of the EXPO, Post’s quilts were displayed throughout the Blue Earth Area High School, where afficionados could ooo and ahh over her immaculate piecing together and quilting, as well as engage in conversation with Post and ask her questions. She even brought a few of her favorite letters with to share with others.

She says she hopes the enthusiasm for quilting continues into the future, not just for her, but for anyone interested in making quilts. She shares quilting is fun to do when you do not overwhelm yourself with projects.

“Jump in, but start small,” she says to green quilters. “Don’t choose complicated patterns. Start small, like with a baby quilt smaller quilts are lighter to carry and work with, while larger quilts are heavier and more complicated.”

As for tools, Post says all anyone really needs is a sewing machine, cutting board, fabric scraps, scissors, a rotary cutter, and a ruler, 6 inch by 12 inch is her go-to size ruler.

“That, and an idea for what you want your quilt to look like. There are ideas everywhere, keep your eyes open for them, and don’t be afraid to branch out once you’re more comfortable with what you are doing,” she says.

After all, Post would know, considering she’s spent almost half of her life quilting. And with half a life of quilting under her belt, she says she finds she keeps quite a few quilts, but it never stops her from starting on a new one.