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Local filings now closed

By Staff | Aug 19, 2018

The filing period for many local governing bodies, which opened up on July 31, has now been officially closed, and there will be plenty of contested positions on the General Election Ballot on Nov. 6.

Most cities in Faribault County have a mayor’s position and two city council positions that will be on the ballot. Two school boards in the county have positions that will be open as well.

In addition, the Blue Earth Board of Public Works, United Hospital District board of directors and several other entities also have open seats.

Here is a synopsis of the people who have filed for positions in the county.

Blue Earth the position of mayor is not open as it is a four-year term, but three council members, Russ Erichsrud, Marty Cassem and Wendy Cole, have filed for re-election. All will be for a four-term.

Wells a two-year term for mayor is open, now held by David Braun. Lyle Doerr, along with Braun, have filed for the position of mayor. Meanwhile, Josh Raimann, John Herman, Glendon Giese, Jessica Mortenson and Jeremie Seedorf have filed for two open seats on the Wells City Council.

Winnebago terms of mayor Jeremiah Schutt and council members Scott Robertson and Paul Eisenmenger expire at the end of the year. The mayor is a two-year term, the council seats are for four years.

Eisenmenger, Joshua Walker and Calvin Howard have filed for city council, while Schutt has filed for mayor.

United South Central School Board three four-year terms are open on the USC School Board. Those seats are currently held by Jon Feist, Thomas Legred and Dale Stevermer. All three of those individuals have officially filed.

Blue Earth Area School Board four 4-year term positions will be on the ballot this fall. They are currently held by Jesse Haugh, Sheila Ripley, Amber Patten and Sara Hauskins.

Hauskins, Patten, Stacey Beyer, Jeffrey Eckles, Kyle Zierke, Susan Rosenau and Matt Ertman have all filed.

Elmore the office of mayor, held by Bjorn Olson, is up for a two-year term, while the council seats held by Lorman Jahnke and Clara Veriede, four-year positions, are open. All three individuals have filed.

Bricelyn the mayor’s position now held by Dan Klingbeil, and council seats held by Greg Thompson and John Goette, are all up and will be on the ballot. Again, mayor is a two-year term, council seats are for four years.

While Klingbeil and Thomas Sens have filed for mayor, Thompson, Goette, Douglas Ellickson, Dennis Johnson and Rhonda Johnson have all filed for city council.

Frost the two year mayor’s position, held by Brian (Bob) Loge, is open for a two-year term, and the council seats held by Jeff Fuch and Tanya Johnson, are also up for four-year terms.

Fuch, Loge, Tony Levine and Else Volz all filed for city council, while nobody filed for mayor.

Kiester Mayor Doug Trytten’s position is open for a two-year term, while the council seats of Jason Kluender and Larry Dahleen, are open for four-year terms.

Trytten and Richard Goggin filed for mayor, and Kluender, Dahleen and Kim Meyer filed for city council.

Minnesota Lake the mayor’s seat, held by Jeff Raimsley, is open for a two-year term and the council seats held by Joan Proehl and Richard Staloch are also open for four-year terms. Raimsley has filed for mayor, and Staloch and Proehl have filed for city council.

Delavan Current mayor Kevin Walker’s term is up, as are council members Dan Haugh and Roy Douglas. Again, the mayor will be a two-year term, the council members serve four-year terms.

Walker has filed for mayor, while Douglas and Haugh have both filed for city council.

Easton IncumbentBryant Stiernagle, as well as challenger Katie Sonnek, have both filed for the two-year mayor position. Meanwhile incumbents Gayle Heise and Jenny Stiernagle have filed for city council seats, which are four-year terms. Brian Sonnek has also filed for city council.

UHD Board Cheryl Keithahn of Blue Earth and Joanne Hoffman of Winnebago have each filed for seats on the United Hospital District Board.

Barber Township Yvonne Cory has filed for the position of town clerk, and Larry Paul has filed for town supervisor.

Blue Earth City Township David Schaefer has filed for town supervisor and Eddie Smith has filed for town treasurer.

In Blue Earth, Dan Mensing and Mark Loge have both filed for seats on the board of public works.