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They have the best meat sticks in the state

By Staff | Sep 9, 2018

Scott and Kathy Lyon proudly stand in front of the Blue Earth Locker, home of Minnesota State Fair award-winning meatsticks.

There are some very tasty salami sticks made right in Blue Earth that recently gained statewide recognition.

The Blue Earth Locker was recognized at this year’s Minnesota State Fair with a first place finish in the processed meats competition. The key to the Locker’s success this year happened to be with their savory salami snack sticks.

In 2017, the Blue Earth Locker was named a reserve champion and earned a fourth place finish with their snack sticks. According to business owner Scott Lyon, a Blue Earth native, a change in recipe was the impetus for such statewide acclaim.

“Last year we had a traditional original snack stick, and this year we went with our salami sticks,” Lyon says. “We’ve been tweaking our recipes for a long time, to get them the way we want it, and it has been working.”

Running the business since May of 1995 with his wife Kathy, Blue Earth Locker has won a litany of awards Minnesota Association of Meat Processors (MAMP). Back in 2001, their snack sticks captured a Tri-State Meat Championship.

Among their other awards, Blue Earth Locker has won MAMP championships for their top quality jerky and specialty snack sticks. According to Lyon, the smokehouse cooking process brings added flavor to brats, sticks and patties, which makes them all top selling items at Blue Earth Locker.

“That makes a big difference when you can add humidity and cook that into your meat,” Lyon says. “You don’t get as much shrink, it brings out the flavor and does a better job.”

Lyon also credits his hard working staff with helping to provide quality food within the community.

“Without such a good staff, we couldn’t be what we are today,” he adds. “It’s all about trying to find different flavors and see what matches together.”