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Elections are heating up across Faribault County

By Staff | Oct 30, 2018

Voters in Faribault County will have a variety of choices to make when it comes to marking their ballots on election day, Tuesday, Nov. 6.

While they may not be voting for president, there still are plenty of federal, state, county and local candidates and questions to decide on.

Here is a wrap up of what you will see when you enter that voting booth on Nov. 6 as far as city and school board races in Faribault County. A few are contested, while some have only one name on the ballot:

Mayor/City Council

Blue Earth: Voters here will not have to decide on a mayor, as the city decided a few years ago the mayor will be elected every four years, not every two as is true for most of the other cities in Faribault County.

There are three open spots on the City Council and all three incumbents, Marlyn (Marty) Classen, Russell Erichsrud and Wendy Cole are the only names on the ballot.

Voters in Blue Earth will also be able to decide whether the city should impose a local option sales tax of one-half of one percent sales tax.

They will also see two names, Mark Loge and Dan Mensing, as the two choices for the Board of Public Works.

Bricelyn: The mayor’s office here is being contested, with current mayor Dan R. Klingbeil facing challenger Thomas Sens.

There are four people contesting for the two open spots on the Bricelyn council. They are Rhonda Johnson, Greg Thompson, Douglas L. Ellickson and Dennis Johnson.

Delavan: There is one choice for mayor (other than a write in) and that is Kevin R. Walker. For council, Roy Douglas and Daniel C. Haugh are on the ballot for the two open seats.

Easton: Katie Sonnek and Bryant Stiernagle are vying for the mayor’s position, while Jennifer Stiernagle, Brian Sonnek and Gayle Heise are running for the two open seats on the council.

Elmore: There is only one name on the ballot for mayor of Elmore and that is incumbent Bjorn Olson. Likewise for the two open council positions, incumbents Lorman Jahnke and Clara Veriede are running unopposed, as well.

Frost: Brian (Bob) Loge is running unopposed for mayor, while Elise Volz, Tony Levine and Jeffrey Fuchs are vying for the two open spots on the council.

Kiester: Incumbent mayor Douglas E. Trytten is facing challenger Richard A. Goggin. There is also a contest for the two open council seats, with three people running, Larry A. Dahleen, Kim R. Meyer and Jason Kluender.

Minnesota Lake: Jeffery D. Ramsley is the only one on the ballot for mayor and Joan M. Proehl and Richard Staloch the only two names for the two open positions on the council.

Walters: There are two people running for the office of mayor in Walters David Meyer and Stacy Krohnberg. Nonna Goin and Michelle Sauke are running for the two open spots on the council.

Wells: There are two people trying for the position of mayor in Wells, Lyle Doerr Jr., and David J. Braun, the incumbent.

There are also five people running for the two open seats on the Wells City Council. They are Jessica Mortenson, Josh Raimann, John P. Herman, Glendon R. Giese and Jeremie Seedorf.

Winnebago: Incumbent mayor Jeremiah Schutt is running unopposed. But, for the two council seats, voters have three names to choose from Joshua M. Walker, Calvin Howard and Paul M. Eisenmenger.

Area School Boards

Blue Earth Area: There are seven candidates trying to get elected to one of the four open spots on the BEA board.

The candidates are Matt Ertman, Jeffrey L. Eckles, Amber Patten, Kyle Zierke, Susan Rosenau, Stacey Beyer and Sara Hauskins.

United South Central: There are three open spots on the USC Board and three incumbents have filed. They are Dale Stevermer, Thomas Legred and Jon Feist.

Maple River: Residents of Faribault County who are in the Maple River School District will see eight names on the ballot vying for four open spots. The eight are Cathi Schirmer, Robert Boeck, David Schoneck, Mary M. Woitas, Julie Bach, Rob McGregor, Kimberly Walters and Dan Sohre.

Alden: Residents of Faribault County who live in the Alden School District will have five names to choose from for four open spots. They are Robert Korman, Mark Wedin, Mathew Erkklia, Douglas Steele and Chad Schmidt.

Janesville-Waldorf-Pemberton: Members of the two residences in Faribault County that are in the JWP School District will see six names for the four spots on that board. They are Kate Cahill, Tracy Peed, Tim Burke, Jon Wheelock, Kendra Hoehn and Tim Johnson.