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Demolition Derby in a farm field

By Staff | Nov 11, 2018

A stolen Ford truck, left, was finally brought to a stop in a farm field after it had rammed three Faribault County Sheriff’s Department vehicles multiple times. The truck was stopped when Chief Deputy Scott Adams smashed in to the front left wheel with his black Sheriff’s Department pickup. Adams and the suspect were both injured.

You could possibly call it an impromptu Demolition Derby.

Four vehicles, including three Faribault County Sheriff Department squads, were damaged in a farm field near Elmore on Monday morning, Nov. 5. And, two persons were injured and taken to the hospital as a result of the incident.

It was the end result of a high-speed chase of a stolen vehicle.

Faribault County Chief Deputy Scott Adams says the county was alerted by the Kossuth County, Iowa, Sheriff’s Office of a stolen truck belonging to MJ Electric.

Adams says Faribault County deputies located the vehicle, a 2012 Ford ST 32000, and pursued it at speeds up to 90 hours.

The truck left the road and the driver tried to escape the pursuit by going cross country and entered a field near the 400th Avenue and 30th Street intersection in Elmore Township.

Deputies tried to surround the suspect but he began ramming the deputies vehicles.

“I believe he hit my truck or I hit his five or six times, and he hit another deputy twice and the other one once,” Adams says. “We finally stopped him by ramming his front left tire.”

The driver, Charles Francis Kealy, 38, of Oakdale, was arrested at gunpoint. He was also taken by ambulance to UHD Hospital in Blue Earth with non-life threatening injuries.

Chief Deputy Adams was also injured in the multiple crashes to his vehicle, a 2017 Ford F-150, and transported to UHD hospital as well.

Adams, 45, of Blue Earth, was treated for bruised neck, shoulders and ribs as well as a concussion, and then released.

Driver of one of the other Sheriff’s Department vehicles, a 2018 Ford Explorer, was Deputy Christopher Beaver, 35, Alden. The other Sheriff’s Department vehicle, a 2016 Ford Explorer was driven by Deputy Chase Davis, 24, Blue Earth. Neither were injured.

“We definitely ended up playing demolition derby with him,” Adams says. “It took a team effort to get him stopped.”

Adams says Kealy is expected to be charged with multiple counts in Faribault County District Court. The case is also under further investigation with search warrants being issued dealing with other stolen materials besides the truck.

As far as the damaged county vehicles go, Adams truck was a total loss, while the 2016 Explorer had $6,883 in damages and the 2018 one had $13,409.

Ironically, the Sheriff’s Department had already been making a planned order for two new 2019 Ford Explorer squads, as the price of the squads is going up by $8,000 in 2020.