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Old school site will be housing

By Staff | Dec 2, 2018

Members of the Wells Housing and Redevelopment Authority met to brainstorm their continuing development project for the old USC School site.

“It’s a very nice start,” said Ann Marie Schuster, president of the Wells Housing and Redevelopment Authority, during their special meeting held on Nov. 27.

And the start she speaks of is to a housing development project set for the old United South Central school property. The HRA has been working on delineating boundaries of buildable lots on the property, as well as hashing out the language they are choosing to encourage applicants to purchase the lots.

The conceptual lots range in dimensions from anywhere from 140 by 87.44 feet to 140.05 by 191.88 feet, with two potential blocks of housing, if the HRA should decide a street is needed for the property.

Wells’ HRA members brainstormed a multitude of ideas to not only create the most profit for the city out of the open spaces on Highway 22, but to create the most benefit for the future home builders.

One of their larger parts of the project is to work with both the HRA and the city of Wells to create initiatives for home builders which would include items like waived city sewer connection, city building permits, and other potential fees.

“We will naturally have some expense to this, but it’s a means of getting vested buyers not only interested, but committed to building on these lots,” Schuster said to the committee. The HRA will continue to work on the wording for the promotional aspect of the housing development, as well as figuring out other details such as lot sizes and costs as specifics are narrowed down in future meetings. The HRA also hopes to discuss further ideas with the Wells City Council in their next meeting on Dec. 10, with regards to not only the projet of the plots of sellable land, but the promotional aspects as well.

The Wells HRA’s next regular meeting is set for Dec. 18, at 5 p.m. in the Wells Community Center.