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Long time business stays in W’bago – with a new name

By Staff | Jan 13, 2019

Amos Boeck, the owner of Ron’s Plumbing, HVAC & Electric, of Wells, recently purchased Royer’s Plumbing and Heating, of Winnebago. The name will change but the business will remain part of the Winnebago Main Street with added services and products.

After beginning its business during 1955 in Winnebago, Royer’s Plumbing & Heating has been sold to Ron’s Plumbing, HVAC & Electric, of Wells.

Amos Boeck, the owner of Ron’s Plumbing, HVAC & Electric, states the transaction became official on Jan. 1, 2019.

It was just over six years ago that Boeck purchased Ron’s Plumbing in Wells from Ron Hartman. Boeck made the decision to keep the name of the business the same, because at the time of the purchase Hartman had a larger clientele base than Boeck did. Hartman’s business was well established and had been in business longer than Boeck.

Boeck is an electrician by trade. In fact, he is a master electrician having earned his license in 2008.

Boeck’s relationship with Hartman began when Hartman called Boeck asking if he could fix a furnace for him. Boeck came back and told him the furnace was all fixed. Hartman was pleased because he had not been able to get anyone else to fix it. As a result, Hartman kept calling on Boeck to fix furnaces and the relationship was formed.

Neil Royer and Don Selvig pose for a picture inside of Royer’s Plumbing & Heating. Neil Royer started the business in 1955 and the company moved to its current location in the early 1970s.

The relationship between Boeck and Royer’s Plumbing & Heating had a somewhat similar beginning.

Boeck got to know Dick Royer when the two of them were collaborating on a project in Winnebago. Royer approached Boeck with the idea of selling Royer’s Plumbing & Heating to Boeck.

The men came to an agreement and the deal was completed.

Royer is 67 and states that he does not want the responsibility of running the business anymore.

But, he is not retiring.

“I would like to work as long as I can,” Royer says. “I want to keep working as long as it is fun to go to work.”

Only one employee opted not to remain with the business once it was sold. That person was Mavis Royer, Dick’s wife.

“She decided it was a good time to be done,” Royer comments.

Royer’s got their start in 1955 when Dick’s father, Neil Royer, began operating his business out of his garage. Royer says it was the early 1970s when the business moved to its present location.

They continued growing the size of their business. According to Dick, the biggest changes he has seen were the technological advances which have been made over the years.

Neil retired at age 65. Well, he retired from managing the business. Dick mentions Neil continued working until he was 88 years old.

There will be a name change to the Winnebago business. The store will take the name of its counterpart in Wells, Ron’s Plumbing, HVAC and Electric. Boeck says they just purchased the business and will continue to lease the building.

“We plan to keep everything open, although more of the office clerical work will be done in Wells,” Boeck explains. “Don Selvig will still be in the office in Winnebago.”

Boeck will be bringing electricians into the Winnebago location.

“I have two electricians who come from Blue Earth right now so it is possible we will just have them report in at the Winnebago site,” Boeck said.

Boeck still enjoys getting out and doing the work himself but finds he pays for it in the amount of work he has to catch up on once he returns to the office.

The work has been steady enough in the area that he has not had to send his crews on the road for two years.

“We have had some over-nighters but our goal is to keep busy around here, it keeps everyone happy,” Boeck says. “If we have to, we would go on the road but that is not what we want to do.”

Boeck graduated from United South Central in 2000. He started his post high school education at Rochester Community and Technical College but ended up at Riverland Technical College in 2001. He worked for an electrical contractor for 40 hours a week in addition to attending his college courses.

He received his journeymen’s license in 2006. In addition to his master electrician’s license for Minnesota, he also has his master’s license in four other states.

Boeck is not currently a licensed plumber but he is working on getting that license too.

There is no licensing for HVAC according to Boeck. However, he does have a requirement his HVAC employees obtain a journeyman electrician’s license. The business aids the employees in obtaining their license.

In 2008 he married Megan Huston, who was from the Kiester area. Megan is a city planner for Fairmont.

The couple has been blessed with three children. Noah is six years old, Ander, who passed away at birth, would have been 2 1/2 years old, and Maisie is 1 1/2 years old.

There will be some new items available from the Winnebago site in addition to the electrical service.

Softeners and R/O water systems will be available to purchase out of the Winnebago store. Ron’s Plumbing, HVAC and Electric actually designs and builds softeners and R/O systems as another part of their business.

“I love working with people and the designs that I can provide for the customers,” Boeck adds. “We are now one store with two locations and we look forward to serving people in the Winnebago area.”

Dick Royer is very appreciative of the customers he has had over the years and happy that Boeck will be continueing to take care of their needs.

“The main thing is the business is still there on Main Street and is not going away,” Royer comments. “We are not abandoning our customers.”