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From prairies to polar ice: playing Peek-A-Boo with color

By Staff | Jan 27, 2019

Christina Wilson brings high energy to her story time at the Wells Public Library on Jan. 22. All did their greatest impressions of moose, bears, and jellyfish.

Famous artist Henri Matisse once said, “creativity takes courage,” and this quote has driven one local artist to not only create her own works of art, but share them all over the United States.

Christina Wilson made a very special visit to the Wells Community Library recently to promote her new children’s book, “Peek-a-boo Bear.” The 2003 United South Central graduate, who now lives in Alaska with her husband Josh and son Jonah, visited the library on Jan. 22 for a special story time followed by a coloring session with local children.

“My paintings have a piece of my vulnerability and hints of my courageous style that show bright color, intense texture, and lively movement, all of which leads me to think of myself as an artist who travels outside the boundaries of conventional painting,” says Wilson. “I travel outside the boundaries of my paintings both figuratively and literally as many of my works are inspired by foreign people, intriguing conversations, and vast landscapes in my journeys outside of the United States.”

The Minnesota native’s new book highlights the majestic creatures of Alaska. From brown bears to arctic puffins, jellyfish, ravens, and moose, Wilson’s lively and colorful game of peek-a-boo had children of all ages fascinated, moving, and grooving like the animals of Alaska.

She is a professor of studio arts at Alaska Pacific University and a contemporary landscape artist in Anchorage, Alaska. Wilson has ventured to Africa, Europe, Asia, Southeast Asia and Northern America to gather a multitude of inspirations for her works. The artist has a Bachelor of Arts in Art History from the University of Minnesota-Morris, and a Master of Science in counseling psychology at Alaska Pacific University, and is a licensed professional counselor who utilizes expressive arts therapy in her practice.

So how did a small town Minnesota girl wind up in the wilds of Alaska? Wilson says she originally went to Alaska following the love of her life whom she met in the Peace Corps in West Africa. Alaska is now the place that Wilson calls home, and enjoys exploring the world with her husband and son.

Wilson’s family is from Wells, and has led painting classes at the Wells Public Library in the past. She says it was a joy to host a story time and share both her creativity and her courage with the next generation of potential artists in the area.