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Elmore man charged with assault and kidnapping

By Staff | Apr 21, 2019

Michael D. Hinton

Michael Walton Hinton’s criminal history of violence, sexual assault, and other assaults dates back to 1989 in Faribault County when he was convicted of fifth degree assault that May, according to the Minnesota Trial Court Public Access database.

Now, Hinton, 54, of Elmore, faces his eighth case of assault against him after allegedly holding a woman he knows captive while he raped and tortured her in his home for two days.

The charges against Hinton currently are seven felony counts of the following: kidnapping with intent to facilitate felony or flight, kidnapping to commit great bodily harm or terrorize, criminal sexual conduct in the first degree with penetration or contact of a person under 13 years of age with fear of great bodily harm, criminal sexual conduct in the first degree with penetration or contact under 12 while armed with a dangerous weapon, criminal sexual conduct in the first degree with penetration or contact with a person under 13 while using force or coercion, first degree assault with great bodily harm and second degree assault with a dangerous weapon.

Faribault County Sheriff reports state on April 12, Faribault County Deputy Chase Davis responded to a welfare check of a female located at a home in the 100 block of North Henry Street in Elmore. The reporting party advised that she had assisted a female get out of a bad situation the day prior and needed to report that the female had been beaten, strangled, raped, and held against her will for two days by Hinton at his home in Elmore.

Two deputies responded to the home and were met by the reporting party. She advised that she could not provide law enforcement with much information other than the female’s first name and that she was from Iowa. The reporting party had contact with Hinton the previous day when Hinton came to her house looking for the female.

Hinton allegedly told her what he did was not good.

According to official documentation, the victim “was clearly in extreme pain” while law enforcement observed bruising on and around her eyes as well as the right side of her head along with a cut. She showed law enforcement what appeared to be rug burn on her knee and a stab wound above her knee.

She reported that she had been stabbed and struck in the head with a pipe wrench by Hinton. The victim stated her ribs hurt and was transported to the UHD Emergency Room in Blue Earth.

Deputy Davis learned from the reporting party that the previous day, April 11, Hinton asked the reporting party if Hinton could stay at her home. The reporting party advised him he could not, but drove him to his father’s home in the city of Blue Earth.

Deputies then responded to Hinton’s father’s home on West First Street in Blue Earth. Hinton was present and, when he observed law enforcement, allegedly stated he “knew they would be coming for him.”

As Hinton was arrested, the victim described what had occurred to her over the course of April 10 and 11.

The female victim stated she went to Hinton’s home and spent the evening voluntarily on April 9, however the following day, Hinton began to assault her and refused to allow her to leave his home. The female stated she was assaulted in multiple rooms of Hinton’s home and was bound with handcuffs and gagged.

Hinton allegedly also strangled the woman, which caused her to lose consciousness. Hinton would then strike her on the face with a silver pipe wrench when she would lose consciousness.

She also reported Hinton cut her fingers with a knife when she did not answer questions to his satisfaction and threatened to do worse.

The woman tried to escape, but the door handle was ripped off and nailed shut. She reported that, at one point, he expressed surprise that she was still alive, and allegedly stated she made him snap. He then offered to let the woman go, but did not.

She was able to escape during the evening hours of April 11, when Hinton left the house. She ran to the house where she was later found by law enforcement.

Hinton came to the house in question, looking for the victim, but the woman hid upstairs under blankets and the homeowners did not allow Hinton inside.

After his arrest, Hinton admitted to assaulting the woman allegedly stating he gagged her because he “didn’t want her to talk anymore.” Hinton confirmed that he caused her to become unconscious and believed she was dead so he stabbed her to wake her up.

A search warrant was obtained by law enforcement to search Hinton’s home. Leg irons, handcuffs, various articles of clothing, towels and napkins stained with blood were located in all rooms of Hinton’s home. Knives were located in the basement where a silver pipe was also located.

In his initial appearance on April 15, Hinton was already facing three simultaneous hearings regarding other felony charges including terroristic threats, theft, burglary, and receiving stolen property. Those hearings were put on hold because Faribault County District Courts were in the process of issuing a Rule 20 hearing to determine Hinton’s mental competency. It was at this same hearing where they found Hinton to be competent enough to proceed with his hearings.

Facing his new charges, Hinton’s bail was requested by County Attorney Kathryn Karjala to be set at $1 million.

“His behavior warrants it and this incident occurred between a victim he didn’t know which makes him more dangerous to the community at large,” stated Karjala.

Hinton’s pretrial score was 107, where scores from 0-11 are low, 12-25 are moderate, and anything above 26 is high.

Faribault County District Judge Troy Timmerman set unconditional bail at $500,000, conditional bail at a $250,000 bond, or $30,000 cash.

Hinton’s next appearance in court is scheduled for April 29.