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John Thompson announces resignation

By Staff | May 12, 2019

The Faribault County Commissioners meeting last Tuesday, May 7, had barely gotten underway when County Auditor/Treasurer John Thompson addressed the board during the public comment part of the agenda.

“After 33 years with Faribault County I have made a difficult decision to resign my position as County Auditor/Treasurer/Coordinator effective July 31, 2019. I came to Faribault County in 1986 looking for a job and am leaving after a career,” Thompson states.

“I appreciate the opportunity that Faribault County has afforded me and hope that I have given Faribault County my best. I have been blessed over the years but the time has come to get out from behind a desk,” he continued.

Thompson also expressed his thanks to his staff, past and present, without whose support the job would have been impossible, while also expressing his gratitude to the County Board for their support over the years.

“I have enjoyed the job, it has been a great opportunity to meet a lot of wonderful people around the county,” he says.

The board thanked Thompson for his service before commissioner Tom Warmka made a motion to accept the resignation.

“With a heavy heart and a cloud hanging over us, I, with regret, move to accept the resignation of John Thompson,” Warmka stated.

Commissioner John Roper seconded the motion saying Thompson would be missed and thanking him for the knowledge he has shared with the board over the years.

The board unanimously approved the resignation but took no action at this time regarding Thompson’s replacement.

Thompson grew up in the East Chain/Swea City area and started as an accountant for the county in 1986.

In 1987, then auditor Palmer Eckhardt resigned and Thompson was appointed to fill out his term. Thompson won election to the position the following year.

“When I started in 1987 the county had no computers but one month later we started installing the first computers,” Thompson recalls.

Some of his fondest memories are of election nights.

“Everything used to be done by paper and hand counted,” he says, “We might not have the final results tallied until the following morning,” he comments.

Thompson will not be spending his time sitting around. He will be working as a ditch viewer with a crew from Freeborn County.

“I will have more flexible hours, I have a lot of stuff I would like to do around the home,” Thompson shares.

Although he says he and his wife Charlene have not done a great deal of traveling in the past, he would like to do more once the retirement becomes official.

“I might even have to go out and buy a new set of golf clubs,” he concludes.