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Barslou Realty becomes RE/MAX Realty

By Staff | Jun 9, 2019

Vonnie Cone, left, and Wade Barslou are partners in the new RE/MAX Total Realty firm. They will have an office in both Blue Earth and Fairmont.

There are some big changes happening at one of Blue Earth’s real estate offices.

Barslou Realty has become RE/MAX Total Realty. And, besides the change in name, there are some other big things happening there as well.

“I just want to make it clear that we have not sold our real estate business,” says owner Wade Barslou. “In fact, we have expanded it.”

Barslou, who started Barslou Realty in 2005, has joined in partnership with Vonnie Cone and the two are opening a RE/MAX Total Realty office in Fairmont, as well as keeping the former Barslou Realty office in Blue Earth.

Cone has been a real estate agent in Fairmont for 14 years, having gotten her license in 2005. She and Barslou are now 50/50 partners in the new venture.

“We went with RE/MAX because of the branding and the support,” Barslou says. “They are the No. 1 real estate company in the world. But each of their offices are independently owned and operated.”

Barslou and Cone say they started talking about this partnership two years ago. Last October they went to the RE/MAX corporate office in Denver.

“We liked what they could do for us, and they are committed to us,” Barslou says. “It was the best move for us to take, and for those we work for our clients. We are a client based business so we need to do what serves their interests the best.”

Cone says that marketing is huge in the real estate business and that working with RE/MAX will be of tremendous benefit to their clients with their marketing.

The two new offices will be manned not just by the two partners. They will have five other agents working with them.

“All of these agents, except one, have experience in real estate,” Cone says. “We will have a really strong, educated, professional team.”

One of those agents is Barslou’s son, Dallas, who has been working with his father for the past year.

“Dallas got his real estate license in April of 2018, and went full time with me last October,” Wade Barslou says. “He has also gotten his auctioneering license, so we can offer that service to our clients who need it, for residential, farmland or commercial sales.”

The new company’s location in Fairmont is the former Aerospace/Nortech building at 1007 E. 10th St. They are doing a total remodel job on the building, which will also house other offices.

“We are still two weeks out from having the project there done and the office open,” Cone says. “It is very exciting that we are going to combine two towns, two counties with our two offices. We will be able to have better service for people in Faribault and Martin counties, with our combined offices.”

All 7 agents of the two offices will be able to serve the whole area.

Forming the new company has taken a while. Still to come are more for sale signs with the RE/MAX logo on them, and signs on the buildings.

“We are super excited about this new way to serve the people in the two towns, and two counties,” Cone says. “The thing to remember is that we are local ownership, but with global marketing.”

Barslou agrees, saying he and Cone have always worked well together in the past, and forming this new company and joining together and becoming a RE/MAX is a good move for everyone.

The two partners are planning a grand opening at each of the offices for sometime in the future, but they are not sure of an exact date yet.

“We are trying to get the big RE/MAX logo balloon to be here,” Barslou says. “I think we will be able to have it here, at both of our offices. They will actually give people rides in it.”

That balloon logo, Barslou and Cone say, is one of the best known logos in the world.

“Our industry is changing, and we need to change with it,” Barslou adds. “And this RE/MAX branding will help us with changing the way we do things.”