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Repair work continues on Easton church

By Staff | Jul 7, 2019

The Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Church in Easton is undergoing repairs from last summer’s big storm. There is also new construction of an elevator, shown underway in the right side of the photo at left.

Progress is being made on restoring Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church so services may once again be held in the structure.

A storm last September left the church damaged both on the inside and the outside. Most notable, the steeple of the church, which was illuminated at night and could be viewed from miles around, was destroyed.

“Repairs are coming along,” Deacon Gene Paul said. “The outside roof is repaired and the attic is done.”

However, that is not the end of the work needing to be completed.

“We have to do some plastering on the inside of the church, let it dry and then there will be a lot of painting and cleaning to do,” Paul explained.

As for the steeple, the church committee overseeing the repairs will be meeting with engineers soon to learn what kind of steeple the structure can support, Paul commented.

Construction of an elevator on the south side of the chuch also resumed about a month ago, according to Paul. The building of the elevator had come to a halt after the storm.

Paul mentioned he is asked quite often if the church will be ready for Easton Friendship Days which is to be held on Sept. 7 this year.

“My reply is to ask me on Aug. 1,” Paul said. “We should have a lot clearer picture if the church will be ready by then.”