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State wants to give highways to county

By Staff | Sep 8, 2019

Mark Daly addresses the Faribault County Board of Commissioners with news that there was a problem in the description of Trunk Highway 253 and 254. The discrepancies were resolved later in the week.

With all of the work completed on Trunk Highways 253 and 254, the only item left in the process of turning the roads over to Faribault County from the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT), is for the County Board to pass a resolution to accept the transfer.

Unfortunately, at their meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 3, the commissioners learned there was a problem in the description of the road in the documents they had received from the state.

“The description the state is using varies from the description we have been using the last two years,” Mark Daly, the county engineer said.

Fortunately, the differences in the descriptions were clarified by MnDOT later in the week.

“The description the state had sent out had to do with the right-of-way which they were giving back,” Daly explained. “So it did not include the Interstate 90 exchange which was causing a lot of the confusion.”

So it now appears both the county and the state are on the same page with just how much of the highway is being turned back to the county.

“The county had already passed a resolution earlier in the year agreeing to the turnback of the two highways to the county once they were resurfaced,” Daly said.

It is definitely a relief to all involved to have the clarification of the descriptions resolved.

“The next step is for the commissioners to formally pass a resolution to designate the two highways as County State Aid Highways,” Daly explained.

Had the misunderstanding not been cleared up, it would have been a tough sell.

“I will not vote for the resolution to accept the transfer until MnDOT gets the description right,” commissioner Tom Warmka had stated during the county board meeting.

Daly also had some news on some other road projects.

“The full depth reclamation is complete on County State-Aid Highway (CSAH) 12 from the west county line to just west of the bridge over the Blue Earth River,” Daly shared. “In addition, work is scheduled to begin today (Sept. 3) on CSAH 15.”

Because the construction work will affect traffic, the contractors are trying to complete the project as soon as possible.

“County Road 15 will be down to one lane during the reclamation,” Daly commented. “But the reclamation should be complete by Sept. 6.”

Daly also shared an update on the houses at the two county parks.

“Both houses were up for sale but we did not receive any bids for the house in Pihls Park,” Daly said. “However, the bid for the house at Woods Lake was up to $25,000 the last I checked.”

When questioned what would be done with the house at Pihls Park, Daly explained,?”The Walters Fire Department is going to burn the house as part of a training exercise.”

In other business:

The board approved a request by Amara Huston, a welfare fraud investigator, to attend a one-day training conference in Shoreview put on by Minnesota Fraud Investigators.

A request to attend a three-day Minnesota Association of County Planning and Zoning Administrators conference in Ottertail was approved for Loria Rebuffoni, the planning and zoning administrator.

The board approved the request of Gertrude Paschke, the county assessor, to attend a four-day Minnesota Association of Assessing Officers (MAAO) conference in Cohasset.

Lexi Scholten, the Central Services director, had her request approved to attend a one-day conference in Mankato on workers compensation.

Barbara Shimmon, an accountant in the public works department, had her request to attend a one-day accountant’s meeting in Redwood Falls approved.