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County still plans to do bridge work

By Staff | Oct 6, 2019

Highway construction projects are wrapping up and coming to a completion in Faribault County was the news Mark Daly, the public works administrator, had for the Faribault County Commissioners at their meeting on Oct. 1.

“The paving is done on County Road 12 from the city of Winnebago to the county line,” Daly said. “In addition, the work on County Road 15 should wrap up early in October if there are no major weather delays.”

Daly also gave the board an update on two bridge replacement projects in the county. One of the bridges is on 60th Street in Rome Township and the other one is on 500th Avenue in Seely Township.

“The precast culverts for the bridge projects should be available next week so work on those bridges should begin soon,” Daly explained.

In other public works business, the board approved the hiring of Darius Johnson to fill the position of a maintenance man in Winnebago. The board also took action in other personnel matters concerning staffing changes with the Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) and the county. After some discussion, the board gave approval to Central Services to hire a parttime administrative position under Planning and Zoning with a start date of Nov. 12.

Then, the board approved a motion directing Central Services to hire a full-time Geographic Information Systems (GIS) coordinator with an anticipated start date of Dec. 30.

Darren Esser, the county auditor/treasurer/coordinator, informed the board the audit of the books for 2018 was beginning. With that in mind, the board approved a request by Esser to hire John Thompson, the former county auditor/treasurer/coordinator, to assist in completing this year’s audit. Thompson will be paid $35 per hour for approximately 40 hours of work.

“John’s experience and his ability to train our staff will save a large amount of time and help reduce the overall audit costs,” Esser said.

Next, central services director Lexi Scholten brought a proposal to the board for renewing the county’s security contract with VideoTronix Incorporated (VTI), of Burnsville.

“The contract with VTI covers software support for the Faribault County video and access control systems,” Scholten explained. “Because it is VTI’s security system, it is impossible to obtain quotes from other companies to support the security and access system.”

There were five different options which VTI offered the board to consider. The board chose to go with the five-year plan at a cost of $23,562, or $4,712.40 per year. The one-year renewal plan would have a cost of $6,732 per year.

The board also:

Approved the request of Missy Sonnek, jail programmer for the Sheriff’s Department, to take driver medical technician (DMT) recertification training with the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension.

Gave approval to the requests of Jessica Blair and Kathy Anderson, from the county treasurer’s office, to attend a two-day Southern Region Minnesota Association of County Auditors, Treasurers and Finance Officers seminar in Morton.