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Wells new liquor store is named

By Staff | Nov 3, 2019

An artist's drawing of the future Wells Liquor Depot.

Residents in Wells now have a name to go with their new liquor store.

City administrator CJ Holl informed the Wells City Council during their regular meeting last Monday that a new name has been chosen for the new liquor store. Through a multitude of mass media platforms, Wells residents were asked their opinion of the new name. Two of the top choices were the Wells Liquor Depot, and Wells Whistle Stop Liquor.

Holl shared the total number of people who voted for a new name came to 491 residents. Out of those 491 votes, 344 of them were for the name Wells Liquor Depot, to mimic the city’s Depot Museum. Only 147 votes were tallied for Wells Whistle Stop Liquor. A motion to accept the new liquor store name was made by Crystal Dulas, seconded by John Herman, and approved by the entire council.

In other topics, the Wells City Council discussed briefly the final farmland bid recommendations for city parcels for the 2020-2021 year. With regard to the land abutting the rifle range, Bryon Voigt was the high bid of $90 per acre per year for 2020 and 2021 after raising his bid from $80 per acre during the last meeting. Kalis Farms bid $80 per acre. Louie Mortenson withdrew his bid prior to the meeting. The council approved Voigt’s bid.

The land abutting the municipal airport, however, did have some discussion before a vote was held. With Paul Kalis bringing the high bid of $190 per acre for 2020 and 2021 after raising his bid from $180, questions began to arise about how Kalis would access the approximate 15 acres of farmland located within the east half of Section 12, Township 103, excluding areas utilized as an airport or accessories to the airport.

Why the question of access? According to members of the council, the other bidder, Pat Allis, has surrounding farmland in the area, and would be able to better access the land a suggestion put up by the airport administration, and Holl.

“We would suggest taking the smaller bid to eliminate the extenuating circumstantial concern of damaged road access at the airport,” said Holl.

“In my professional experience of bidding, that’s not an extenuating circumstance enough for me to justify taking the low bid even though it is just $150 difference,” said councilwoman Dulas. “What are you going to do with the next guy that comes along?”

Dulas made a motion to approve Kalis’ bid of $190 per acre, which was seconded and later passed.

With regard to the West Meadow Subdivision bidding for approximately three tillable acres, Mitch Treptow was the only bidder of $406 for the three acres for 2020 and 2021.

The Wells Area Jaycees have continued their work on the First Street ballfield. A letter to the city and its council was received from Dustin Dylla who shared the Jaycees’ proposal for the remodel of the field.

Dylla stated in the letter the Jaycees will:

Donate, at minimum, $2,200 with the possibility of more upside additions to the project,

Aid Schrader Enterprises with manual and equipment labor,

Add dugouts with fences and concrete,

Include a drinking faucet,

Do anything else to enhance the field.

All of these items were under the condition of naming rights for the field, which would be named the Wells Jaycees Field, with a sign placed above the backstop of the field. Holl informed the council the deed was filed to the city, and with that, councilman Herman made a motion to accept the ballfield project. Brenda Weber seconded the motion, which was approved by the council.

Holl also informed the council that more interest has grown in the Wells Business Park, with two parties interested in lots. The Wells EDA hopes to discuss these potential lots in their next EDA meeting.

Holl also informed the council on efforts to create space for childcare providers which would quell the shortage of day care providers in the area is receiving good publicity with a lot of genuine feedback.

“Tiffany Schrader has been working really hard at this with the core team, and we are really excited to see the direction in which things are going,” said Holl.

The council also:

Tabled Pay Request No. 11 for the Sixth Street SW Improvements which totaled $102,370.26. City engineer Travis Winter suggested the pay request be tabled after stating he was still working on closeouts from previous projects including the Wells Business Park, Sixth Street, and Third Street. A public hearing will be held on Monday, Nov. 25, for cost assessments of the Sixth Street SW improvements project from Second Avenue SW to Ninth Avenue SW.

Approved a 2019 Audit engagement letter with Abdo, Eick & Meyers. Holl suggested the council look into considering a request for proposal (RFP)?for next year’s audit.

Heard Wells Does It Bright has a multitude of new events coming to the celebration. The council approved using the open Bidne lot for a Christmas tree contest site, as well as a number of parking restrictions for the celebration.

The next regular Wells City Council meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 12. A work session was scheduled before the Nov. 12, meeting in order for the council to go over budget items before the city’s Truth in Taxation meeting.