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USC student enrollment numbers up

By Staff | Nov 24, 2019

“It is a good report,” Greg Larson told the United South Central School Board as he began his review of the audit for the year ending June 30, 2019.

Larson presented the audit findings at the regular board meeting held on Nov. 19. He gave the report on behalf of the public accounting firm of Hill, Larson and Walth, located in Austin.

One of the first items Larson pointed out to the board was the average daily membership at the school.

“Membership is important because funding for Minnesota school districts is largely driven by enrollment,” Larson explained. “Your membership averaged 714.61 for the 2016-17 school year, then dipped to 699.92 in the 2017-18 school year. However, it rose again in 2018-19 up to 715.29.”

Next, Larson reviewed the general fund revenues. General funds are used by the district to record the primary operations of providing education services to students from kindergarten through grade 12.

“Your general fund revenues showed an increase of $411,853 to $9,719,479 which is a 4.42 percent increase,” Larson said.

He also noted the restricted fund balance dropped because money held in escrow was used to pay off a bond.

When it came to the general fund balance, the audit showed an increase of $81,254 for the year ending June 30, 2019. This brought the fund balance at the end of the school year to $3,461,235.

Larson also reviewed the school building bonds payable report.

“The report shows the final payment on the school building will take place 13 years from now in 2032,” Larson commented.

Larson also mentioned the school district has done a good job of keeping their transportation fleet updated by following a schedule of replacing their vehicles.

Larson concluded his report saying, “I want to thank the staff for all of the help and support they provided me while I was compiling this report.”

With the audit report concluded the board moved on to other business.

Elementary principal Nick Jurrens presented the report for both the elementary and high school.

“The first wave of sickness has hit the school,” Jurrens said. “It is affecting both the student body and staff and we are starting to see school days being missed.”

Jurrens updated the School Board on the number of students in each grade.

“The kindergarten class has 42 students, first grade has 51, second grade has 53, third grade has 48, fourth grade has 51, fifth grade has 61 and sixth grade has 52,” Jurrens reported. “Seventh grade has 64 students, eighth grade 51, ninth grade 47, 10th grade 58, 11th grade 60 and 12th grade 52.

He wrapped up his report by informing the board the first quarter ended on Nov. 5 and the second quarter is off to a good start.

Superintendent Keith Fleming told the board he had received a letter from the Minnesota School Board Association and it stated USC board member Diana Brooks was being honored for completing 100 hours of in-service training.

During the public comment period earlier in the meeting, a member of the district raised concerns about the pond on the school property not having a fence around it. The board took this matter under advisement and will look into the matter.

In other business the board:

Approved the Worlds Best Workforce Plan.

Authorized reimbursement of advisor expenses from the general fund.

Had the first reading of New Board Policy 5350 concerning service animals in schools.

Had the second reading of Revised Board Policy 5160 concerning student medication.