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Video wizard keeps winning national awards

By Staff | Dec 22, 2019

Katelyn “Kels” Pawlitschek is shown at left with one of the many kids she has helped in Haiti over the years.

Katelyn ‘Kels’?Pawlitschek, 28, of Winnebago, has been deemed a “wizard at producing videos.” For the last four years, she has entered a nation-wide music video production contest where she has edited and produced a music video of her own featuring scenes from the TV show “Once Upon A Time.”

And, for the last four years, Kels has won that contest. It has sent her to California, Florida, and has gotten her recognition from some of her favorite television stars.

“The first contest I went to was in Los Angeles, in 2016, with my mom,” says Kels. “One of my hidden talents is video-editing. In 2012, people kept telling me to watch this TV show that I never heard about and now I’m one of the hugest fans of ‘Once Upon A Time.'”

Kels’ mom, Carolyn Cappel, recalls when Kels started working on her first video for the contest back in 2016.

“When I saw the video she was going to submit, I knew right away it would win. I am not even trying to be that overly supportive mom role, either. She did an incredible job. So, we planned a trip out to Los Angeles, California, for the award show and three days with the stars of the show,” says Cappel. “Film producers all over the world submitted videos New Zealand, New York City, Paris all over, and Kels was the one who won. I was so proud and so impressed.”

Cappel says the next year, in 2017, the contest took place in Orlando, Florida, and she and Kels had the time and the dollars to go and visit her brother, who lives in Florida, as they went to the convention.

“You know, it’s funny, I knew she would win it again. It was just no contest, her editing skills were immaculate,” says Cappel. “And there she did it again. Kels documented every minute of the TV?show, and put descriptions to every scene. She created a gigantic book of these scenes so she could go back and edit to the music she chose. She uses an editing program called Movie Maker to do all of her videos.”

“I wanted to make sure my cuts were accurate,” says Kels. “So I can see all the scenes in the series and edit on cue.”

The book is now not only filled with cues and scenes from the television series, but also has autographs of her favorite actors and actresses from the show. Kels says the cast she met were very impressed with the work she’d done.

“I was on cloud nine,” says Kels.

The next year, in 2018, the contest took place in Burbank, California. While Kels was unable to attend, she still submitted a video for the contest and won.

This last year, the contest was held in New Jersey, just across the river from New York City. Kels’ mom has been battling cancer and with her ongoing chemo and radiation treatments, Kels and her mom were unable to attend. But that did not stop Kels from winning. Not at all.

“It takes a lot of dedication for her to create the videos she does,” says Cappel. ” She has incredibly special talents.”

Kels also does private work creating videos for weddings, anniversaries, funerals, birth announcements, and other big events. She’s done nine weddings so far this year. Her company is called Many Creations personalized videos. She’s also expanded her editing skills to work on K-pop, or Korean pop, music videos.

“It’s really challenging to do those videos because I can’t understand what they’re saying,” says Kels. “But it’s still fun, and it’s still an outlet for me to get creative.”

But this is just what Kels likes to do in her spare time you know, meeting celebrities and making music videos at other times throughout the years, Kels has been given a unique gift and ability which has helped her reach out with her incredibly giving heart and creative mind to those in greater need.

Kels was born with spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy and is physically handicapped and uses an electric wheelchair daily to help her get around. However, this has not stopped Kels from flying to Haiti, and helping children who have their own physical handicaps, but the inability to afford proper care and accessibility.

“I always wanted to go to Haiti and help out after the earthquake in 2010 that devastated the country,” says Kels. “So, I saved up all my money, and in 2012, I went there for the first time.”

Her mom recalls a class project where students held a penny war to help raise funds for Haiti.

“While some students were putting in spare pennies and nickels, Kels was putting in $20 bills,” says Cappel.

During Kels’ first trip, the 28-year-old says she fell in love with the sweet little children of Haiti.

“Those children have nothing, nothing. Food, water, electricity, houses, streets…they have nothing,” she says. “I am thankful I can help with the medical expenses for a little girl we found there that was paralyzed from a heat stroke. At the end of the trip in 2012, I said to my mom that the little girl is lying on a banana leaf and I think God is telling me to give them my portable wheelchair, so I did.”

Since then, Kels has flown to Haiti with a family friend’s church group in South Dakota two more times. The last time she went, in 2017, the little girl who only had a banana leaf to her name now had help from Kels to assist her family in starting up a business.

“Now their living conditions are better,” says Kels. “And I also gave the rest of my money to her mom one American dollar is seven times more valuable in Haiti. A little money can go far there with that money, that family started to build a new home.”

And a trip to Haiti is not necessarily easy for anyone. There were times when Kels and her family have had to escape the country at night, have had to purchase their way out of the country, and have even faced gunfire to get back home safely.

“Each trip, no matter the circumstances, Kels gave her portable wheelchair to those kids,” says her father Gary Pawlitschek. “Airlines provide wheelchairs for those who need them, so Kels gave up her wheelchair for those who needed it. She’s even got a few others to donate wheelchairs, too. Kels saves every dollar she earns for her trips to Haiti. And almost every single dollar she saves goes to the kids and families in Haiti who need it.”

When asked what she would say to folks who are hesitant to help people in impoverished countries like she has, Kels had a simple answer.

“If you know and believe in God like I do, anything is possible.”

If you are interested in Kels Pawlitschek’s video editing company to create a memorable video for any occasion, contact Kels via email at kovu1234567890 @gmail.com, or contact her on Facebook, or text her at 507-525-4562.