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Warmka elected chairman

By Staff | Jan 12, 2020

County auditor-treasurer-coordinator Darren Esser called the Faribault County Board meeting to order on Tuesday, Jan. 7, with the first order of business to elect a new chairman and vice chairman.

Board member Tom Warmka was elected to the position of chairman and then presided over the election of John Roper as vice chairman.

The commissioners noted the passing of the Honorable Douglas Richards. Richards had served as a District Court Judge in the Fifth Judicial District from 1995-2017.

“We are saddened to lose a fair and honest man who represented Faribault County so well,” chairman Warmka said.

Warmka informed the board he would ask to have flags flown at half-staff at all county buildings for three days beginning on Friday, Jan. 17, which is one day before Richard’s funeral.

Public Works director Mark Daly came before the board with the Joint Powers Agreement between Faribault County and the city of Blue Earth. Although the agreement had been approved, it still needed to be signed by the County Board.

Daly reviewed the agreement, which covers the work to be done on County State Highway (CSAH) 16, also known as the Leland Parkway. The project covers the road from U.S. Highway 169 and continues west to the West Industrial Park.

The cost of the project is being split between the county and city.

“The total estimated construction cost is $2,339,950.90 for the county and $440,884.30 for the city,” Daly said. “When you add in the cost of design and construction engineering, the total estimated cost for the project is $2,761,142.06 for the county and $520,243.47 for the city.”

Daly explained Blue Earth Light and Water would be covering the watermain and lighting portion of the cities’ bill. The amount of those two items totals $285,382.

“The road will be built to a 10 ton standard and will have a 45 miles per hour consistent speed limit from one end to the other,” Daly said. “It will have 12-foot lanes with four-foot shoulders and there will be a Shared-Use Path (SUP).”

The county will be responsible for plowing the snow and striping of the road, according to Daly.

“The city will maintain the signs and the catch basins,” Daly added.

The board also took time to take up many house-keeping items including setting the regular meeting dates for the first and third Tuesdays of the month, with a start time of 9 a.m.

Per diems for lay committee members was kept the same as last year at $40 per day and mileage was set at the IRS guidelines, which is currently 57.5 cents per mile.

The board also voted to grant gambling permits to the Wells Area Chamber of Commerce for The Golden Bubble, the Stateliners Snowmobile Club and the Blue Earth Chamber of Commerce for Riverside Town and Country Club.

The board voted to accept a trust payment from the United States Fish and Wildlife Services for the amount of $28,000 due to their purchase of land in Delavan Township.

These funds are to be distributed to Delavan Township in the amount of $4,940, Blue Earth Area School will receive $4,461 and Faribault County will receive $18,599.

In other business:

The board reappointed Lars Bierly to the Economic Development Authority, Retha Rasmussen to the County Extension committee, Morris Hanson, Jr. to the Board of Adjustments and Robyn Stenzel to the Planning Commission.

A request from Lisa Frommie of the Sheriff’s department to attend a three-day Governor’s? Homeland Security and Emergency Management (HSEM) conference in Brooklyn Center was approved.

The board approved the request of Nicholas Bleess of the Sheriff’s department to attend a two-day Basic Operator training program in St. Paul.

The board voted to approve the Faribault County Register as the official county newspaper for 2020.