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County Board gets ready for spring work

By Staff | Jan 26, 2020

Faribault County Board chairman Tom Warmka, left, congratulates commissioner John Roper on his 10 years of service to Faribault County. Other county employees were also saluted for their many years of service.

The first sign of spring occurred at the Faribault County Commissioners meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 21, when Public Works director Mark Daly talked to the board about bids concerning road maintenance for the upcoming season.

“It is the time of year we start advertising for bids on striping, seal coating, crack seal and micro-surfacing,” Daly said.

The board approved the motion to begin the bidding process for these items.

Daly also visited with the commissioners about the $7.6 million turnback money the county received from the state last year when Trunk Highways 253 and 254 were given back to the county.

“I have been informed to keep the state auditors happy it would be best if the money was designated for use on County State Aid Highways 17 and 23, which are the new names of the former trunk highways,” Daly explained.

Erin Bromeland, left, receives a certificate of appreciation from County Board chairman Tom Warmka for her 20 years of service to Faribault County. Bromeland is employed as a dispatcher at the Sheriff’s Department. Todd Hanevik and Dawn Leland are seen in the background and have each worked 30 years for the county.

The board agreed and a motion was passed to designate the funds.

Staying on the subject of roads, Daly informed the commissioners he had received the new pavement scores from the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT).

“The state does this rating every four years,” Daly said. “They have a high tech van with all kinds of cameras and sensors. They provide a surface rating and a ride rating.”

A date to go on a tour of the county roads with the commissioners was not set at this time, but will probably occur in March, weather permitting.

In other Public Works business, the board passed a motion to purchase a new Hustler lawn mower with a 104-inch deck from Yeager Implement for $23,000 for mowing the county parks. This amount was $2,000 less than the budgeted amount of $25,000.

The board took no action on the purchase of a side-by-side vehicle for the Public Works engineering department. The commissioners directed Daly to explore the possibility of leasing a unit since it is not used during the winter months, and to bring back more details on the differences between proposed models.

During committee reports commissioner Greg Young reported on the progress of a solar and wind ordinance.

“It is almost complete and may be ready to vote on by our next county meeting on Feb. 4,” Young said.

During his committee report, chairman Tom Warmka informed the board the Buildings and Grounds committee has been going through the study the engineering company ISG did on the courthouse and annex buildings.

“We are going through the reports very carefully and laying out the most important things to get done so we can be ready for bonding,” Warmka explained.

Central Services director Lexi Scholten informed the board two long-time employees were retiring.

“Lorrie Bosma worked 18 years in the treasurer’s office and Mark Walton was an employee for 42 years in the Public Works department,” Scholten said.

Scholten also brought two recent hirings before the board for approval.

“Sara Hauskins was hired as a full-time administrative assistant in Planning and Zoning and Kasta Amundson was hired at the Sheriff’s Department as a part-time dispatch/jailer,” Scholten told the board.

The board approved the hiring of both individuals.

Next, Scholten announced the names of employeess being recognized for their years of service to the county. Those who were in attendance were presented with a certificate of appreciation by chairman Warmka.

Those with 30 years of service were Dawn Leland, as a corrections secretary, and Todd Hanevik, as a jail administrator.

Honored for 25 years of service were Mark Nelson, who works in the maintenance department for Public Works and Sherriff Mike Gormley.

Dispatcher Erin Bromeland and deputy sheriff Barry Meyers were each honored for 20 years of service.

Commissioner Bill Groskreutz was recognized for 15 years of service.

Corrections officer Tara Sunken and commissioner John Roper were each honored for 10 years of service.

Building maintenance workers Laura Weber and Glenn Hassing, deputy sheriffs Briar Bonin, Brittney Gehrking, Chase Davis, part-time deputy sheriff Eric Neubauer, dispatchers Emily Langford and Brandon Schaefer and chief deputy auditor/accountant Jessica Blair, were all recognized for five years of service.

Also at the meeting, Brandee Douglas, who oversees the Geographic Information Systems for the county, reviewed the data fees for different services the GIS department provides. The board approved the fee structure.

“Most of the residents in the county are not affected by these costs and can get the information they need for free using the Beacon website,” Douglas reported. “These costs are usually charged to firms from outside of the area who need this information.”

The board also:

Approved the application of Heartland-Faribault County Pheasants Forever to operate bingo, paddlewheels, pull-tabs, tipboards and raffles at the Golden Bubble in Foster Township.

Approved requests from Jessica Blair, of the treasurers office, to attend a one-day Minnesota Association of County Officers conference in Bloomington.

  • Gave approval to the requests of Public Works employees Mark Daly, John Oswald and Bryan Schaper to attend a one-day District 7 engineers and technicians conference in Mankato.

Approved the requests of Chris Beaver of the Sherriff’s department to attend a five-day FBI basic negotiator course and Dustin Anderson of the Faribault County Drainage Department to attend a one-day grass waterway training seminar.