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Seedorf, Billings are USC’s Triple A winners

By Staff | Feb 2, 2020

Trinity Seedorf and Jacob Billings are the Triple A award winners representing United South Central School. The seniors have both been active in projects to help and assist people in need of help.

Two students at United South Central have a focus of giving back to their community. Through a number of athletic, art, and academic channels, Jacob Billings and Trinity Seedorf have shown how much they have gotten out of, and put into, their education at their school. And now, they have both been rewarded by their efforts as winners of USC’s Triple A Award.

When asked what these two seniors are passionate about in their lives, they did not say fame or fortune, they both said they were passionate about helping others.

“I’ve been in Boy Scouts since first grade and I almost have my Eagle,” says Jacob. “For my Eagle Scout project, I created a buddy bench for the school. The premise behind the buddy bench is if a student is feeling lonely or left out, they sit on the bench, and that tells other students that this person needs a buddy. It’s just another way of asking for help, or seeking a friend.”

“When I was little, my mom would help with the shoe box program, which sends shoe boxes full of necessities and toys to children all over the world,” says Trinity. “Now, I enjoy helping with food drives and coat drives and other activities that help serve our community and all over.”

Billings is the only son of Jered and Paula Billings, of Wells, while Seedorf is one of four children to Steve and Terri Seedorf, also of Wells. She has an older sister, Tiffany, 26, an older brother, Tanner, 23, and a younger brother, Trey, 12.

Seedorf will be attending Winona State University in the fall with emphasis in her education on mathematics and statistics.

“I really want to do something with statistics when it comes to hospital lab work,” she says. “I’m not good on poking people with needles or drawing blood, but I want to help on the back end of it with mathematics.”

“I’m not sure what I’ll do yet, but I am going to St. Cloud State University to focus on business,” says Billings. “I know you can do a lot of things with a business degree, so I’m keeping a wide scope.”

Until they become the world’s greatest lab mathematician or the world’s most incredible business owner, Seedorf and Billings are focused on their multitude of activities at USC. For Billings, that includes band, robotics, football, wrestling, golf, clay target league, National Honor Society and Big Rebel Little Rebel, while Seedorf has been involved in tennis, softball, basketball, band, We Are United, student council, the fall musical, spring play, mock trial, NHS and Big Rebel Little Rebel.

And for these Triple A winners, the activities and the teachers are what they like most about their school.

“At USC, you get to be involved in a lot of different activities,” says Billings. “At other schools, you usually only get to be involved in one student group or sport.”

“The teachers at USC feel more like friends than teachers,” says Seedorf. “They put a lot of extra time in to help you out with school work and even things not related to school work. They really show us how much they care.”

When it comes to balancing such a busy life, and having time to themselves, these two say balance is the key to it all.

“Don’t procrastinate,” says Seedorf. “And take the right amount of time in your schedule to focus on what you like.”

“Definitely don’t procrastinate,” echoes Billings. “Take time to plan things out, make priorities, and stick to your plan.”

When these two are not busy with their plethora of activities or are not hard at work at Jake’s Pizza, like Seedorf is, or busy lifeguarding in the summer like Billings, they both enjoy their down time.

“When things get overwhelming or stressful, I like to pet and hang out with my dogs Mia and Maverick,” says Seedorf.?”They really help calm me down, or at least distract me for a little while.”

“I like to play video games,” says Billings. “It’s just like taking a step away from the real world and goofing off with friends.”

When asked what their favorite class was, it was hard for Billings not to reminisce about kindergarten’s beloved nap time.

“That was a great class,” he laughs.

“I was the pro nap winner in 2007,” jokingly boasts Seedorf. “I got candy for my achievement.”

But in all ernestness, the two agree that Mr. Routh’s English class is a winner.

“Mr. Routh makes English fun,” says Billings. “Mr. Soucheray also makes history really fun and interesting, too.”

“His English class really helps me to push myself,” says Seedorf. “I also like Mrs. Bye’s math class. Numbers are like another language to a lot of people and it’s a language that I can understand.”

Today, Billings and Seedorf are merely students at USC who just happen to be this year’s Triple A winners, but they are also the leaders of tomorrow, and it seems they have a good foot in the door already.