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Wells Liquor Depot to open Tuesday, Feb. 11

By Staff | Feb 2, 2020

Just a few final touches are needed for the new liquor store location in Wells. The Wells Liquor Store is scheduled to close its Broadway Street location on Sunday, Feb. 9, and will be closed Monday, Feb. 10. The doors will open at the new liquor store location on Tuesday, with an open house to follow on Valentine’s Day.

It was a quick meeting for the Wells City Council on Monday, Jan. 27, where they discussed the progress of a few important topics.

City administrator CJ Holl informed the council of the final pieces to the progress of the city’s new liquor store.

As much as the city and the liquor store tried to coordinate the big move to coincide without closing, it just is not in the cards.

“We will close the old liquor store location on Sunday, Feb. 9, in order to move inventory, get new products, shelves stocked, prices marked, set up the till and such, and we have a goal of opening on Tuesday, Feb. 11. We will be closed Monday, Feb. 10, and will hold an open house the following Friday, Feb. 14,” said Holl. “We tried to do it without closing for a day, but it was really tough to do that especially since you can’t have alcohol in two places, you have to do it all at once.”

One of the larger items on the council’s agenda was an update from Rusty Schreiber, the vice president of operations at Brakebush in Wells, with regard to the continuous odor concerns from Wells Citizens.

Schreiber was unable to make it to the meeting, but informed the council (via the city administrator) about the number of solutions the team at Brakebush are implementing to get the odor and other concerns under control.

“I went out to Brakebush last week along with our street department and we toured through there to see what they were doing to address the city’s concerns,” Holl said. “They have a sewer gas treatment system that they are injecting into their process, and they also have this new product they are adding to their waste called, ‘Dazzle,’ it’s an oil-based sewer sweetener.”

“It smells nice,” interjected city councilman John Herman.

“You do realize that’s still sewer gas you’re smelling, right?” joked the city’s mayor, David Braun.

“And this is the truth, actually. It makes stuff smell like gummy bears. If you’ve ever been to a treatment plant, the odor can be overwhelming and eye-watering,” added Holl. “This solution seems to be working. They use several ounces several times a day and it stays in the processing plant, it doesn’t go into our water systems or utilities anywhere, it actually gets hauled out with the waste. Jeff Amy was out there with me last week and he said it was pretty amazing. They are also doing continuous testing out there they work with the city to do testing once a week. We pay for tests twice a month and they pay for tests twice a month so those tests are cost-shared with the city.”

Holl also stated Brakebush installed a continuous monitor there to test their water and output on a continuous basis from Brakebush’s headquarters located in Wisconsin.

“They’re also installing some odor monitors coming because they want to have a baseline of this issue, so they seem to be making progress with that,” stated Holl.

“Brakebush seems to be making good progress,” stated Brenda Weber, of the council.

In other topics, the City Council decided to forego a bond refunding opportunity after finding out the council would not be able to get a good interest rate from local banks. Holl stated he worked with Northland Securities on the bond, and their recommendation is to sit on it until a later date.

The Wells City Council also:

Approved pay request No. 3, for the Wells Liquor Store to Ankeny Builders for labor and materials, totaling $95,137.59.

Accepted Resolution 2020-6, approving Minnesota Gambling exempt permit to the Wells Firemen’s Relief Association for a raffle to be held on July 25.

The next Wells City Council meeting is scheduled for Feb. 10, at 5 p.m.