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Pandemic causes Wells beer shortage

By Staff | Mar 31, 2020

The Wells Liquor Depot's coolers were filled with Busch Light, but only for a few hours on March 16.

While the rest of Faribault County and the entire country has been trying to keep up with their supplies of toilet paper, the City of Wells has encountered a different kind of issue keeping the beer coolers stocked at the city-owned Wells Liquor Depot.

According to the city’s administrator, CJ Holl, the local municipal liquor store had to restock their new coolers three times in one week to keep Busch Light on the shelves.

On March 16, Holl reported the Wells Liquor Depot sold 100 24-pack cases of Busch Light.

“That’s usually a seven-day supply,” said Holl. “Those 100 cases were sold out by late afternoon that Monday. People were pretty discontent with that situation.”

On Tuesday, March 17, the area wholesale liquor/beer salesman packed his car and brought 50 additional cases to the Wells Liquor Depot and those 50 cases sold within two hours of hitting the cooler.

“People were so caught off guard, they started calling our City Council members to discuss the Busch Light shortage,” says Holl.

On Wednesday, March 18, the Wells Liquor Depot received 400 cases of Busch Light sent to the local store, and by Thursday evening, the Wells Liquor Depot store manager, Scott Berg, received a call from a local resident seeking to purchase an entire pallet, or 98 24-pack cases, of Busch Light.

“The cost of a pallet of beer is $1,937,” shared Holl.

Within three days, the city of Wells distributed 13,200 cans of Busch Light beer. And that does not include other spirits sold at the Wells Liquor Depot.

The city of Wells seems to have made a profitable choice of moving their liquor store. Perhaps by April 1, the shelves will be restocked.