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Got a green thumb?

By Staff | Apr 20, 2020

Roerig Hardware store manager, Teresa Newville, stands outside of the new gardening center set to open this spring in the city of Winnebago. The garden center will have a number of flowers, vegetable plants, and seeds to choose from, not to mention all of the components a gardener needs for a prosperous green thumb.

Warmer weather is around the corner and people in the community who want to practice their green-thumb skills have a new source to fulfill all of their lawn care and gardening needs.

The Garden Market, owned and operated by Roerig Hardware and Appliance in Winnebago, is opening this Wednesday, April 22. It is located just to the north of their hardware store.

“When he (partner Shane Roberts) bought the store, the empty lots next to the building were included in the sale,” Teresa Newville explains. “Steve (previous owner Steve Malchow) sold flowers and had wanted to have a garden center with the business. We liked the idea so we are doing it.”

Though the greenhouse is empty now, Newville says by Tuesday night, April 21, it will be stocked and ready to go.

“We will have flowers, tomato, pepper and other vegetable plants ready for sale,” Newville comments.

But it does not begin to cover the list of lawn and garden care products they will have for sale.

“We have seeds, onion sets, potato sets, bulbs, potting soil and fertilizer,” she states. “People have been coming in and requesting flowers and placing orders. There seems to be a lot of excitement for what we are doing.”

And if people are more into the decorative part of gardening and landscaping, Newville says the store has a wide variety of items to fill those needs.

“We have hanging baskets and porch pots,” notes the enthusiastic Newville. “And if people want to decorate their own pot, we can help them make it happen.”

Need help keeping the yard looking nice? Newville says they can help.

“We have different models of string trimmers (weed whips) to fit your needs,” she adds.

The list of offerings seems to go on and on.

“We have lawn ornaments and some lawn furniture too,” she says. “And we have bird feeders and squirrel feeders available.”

Which leads to something else the store is offering.

“We are doing some consignment sales,” Newville explains. “We have some craftsman in the area who make some items like bird and squirrel feeders and bird houses. Some of them are quite unique. It is really fun having people in the community share their craft talents with us and then being able to help them out by selling their items.”

Fortunately for Newville, she has some good employees to help her in the greenhouse.

“Kelly Belgard will be assisting me,” Newville shares. “And she has been taking master gardening classes so she brings a wealth of knowledge with her to the greenhouse.”

Newville also wants the community to know of one other service they are now offering.

“We became aware of two greenhouses in the Fairmont area who would pot cemetery urns but had now gone out of business,” she says. “We wanted to be able to offer that service locally. If the customer brings the urn in we will get it ready. And if desired, we will place the urn at the cemetery and then pick it up and store it when it is time.”

She did have one restriction though.

“We had one customer ask if we would go out and water the plants too,” she laughs. “I had to say no to that.”

As they near their sixth-month anniversary of operating Roerig Hardware and Appliance, she reflects on how well things have gone.

“We received flowers from one of our customers the other day,” Newville shares. “I have never been to a town where the people are so warm and welcoming. Shane and I love this community.”