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Moore resigns

By Staff | May 31, 2020

Kim Moore

Blue Earth city administrator Kim Moore has resigned her position with the city as of Wednesday morning, May 27, after a performance review held at last Tuesday night’s council meeting resulted in an “unsatisfactory” job performance determination.

The resignation was effective immediately, according to an announcement to the press by mayor Rick Scholtes last Wednesday morning.

“She will still receive her salary for another four months, according to her contract,” Scholtes said. “As well as health insurance for the next four months.”

Moore started her position on March 9, but her official contract called for an April 1 starting date.

Last Tuesday night the Blue Earth City Council held a special meeting, which they have been doing each week since the COVID-19 pandemic started after March 16.

While the actual special meeting lasted just 40 minutes, a one-hour closed session at the end of the meeting made it end up just as long as most regular meetings.

The council went into closed session at the meeting’s end in order to conduct a performance review of city administrator Moore.

When the council came out of the closed session an hour later, mayor Scholtes announced that the performance review had been conducted and that Moore’s performance was determined to be unsatisfactory.

No other information was released and the council quickly adjourned.

When contacted after the meeting, Scholtes said the performance review was not a regularly scheduled one, but had been deemed necessary at this time.

Scholtes said Moore would be normally up for a review after six months on the job.

The full council will now have to vote on accepting Moore’s resignation during action at their full regular meeting on Monday, June 1.

“At the June 1 meeting I expect the council will also discuss procedure for hiring a new administrator,” Scholtes said. “We have options to do so, including starting over or looking at previous applicants.”

Working on a plan for the meantime will also be discussed, Scholtes said.

“We will also probably go back to the way we were handling things between when Tim (Ibisch) left and Kim (Moore) was hired,” the mayor said. “We had City Hall staff handling things and Jamie (Holland) also helped get everything done.”