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Kennedy accepts job

By Staff | Jun 14, 2020

It’s official.

The Blue Earth City Council formally approved a contract with Mary Kennedy to be the new Blue Earth city administrator.

The vote came during a special meeting held on Wednesday afternoon.

Before the vote was taken, the council went into a closed session for four minutes to quickly go over the details of the contract.

Those details include a starting salary of $80,000, a performance review after six months, and three weeks of paid vacation, among other things.

It is a two year contract that begins on July 6, 2020 and ends on July 5, 2022.

“The delay in reaching an agreement with Mary came because of the fact she is employed by CEDA and works for the city EDA,” mayor Rick Scholtes said. “So, we have been negotiating with Mary and with Ron (Ziegler) of CEDA on the timeline.”

Kennedy will continue her current position as the economic development specialist for the Blue Earth Economic Development Authority (EDA) four days a week under the city’s contract with CEDA (Community and Economic Development Associates) and one day a week for CEDA.

Then, beginning on June 26, Kennedy will work three days a week as the new city administrator and two days a week as the EDA specialist.

Finally, on July 6, Kennedy will go full time as the city administrator, and CEDA will have another person in place as the EDA specialist.

“This could change if CEDA has a new person available before July 6,” mayor Scholtes said. “Then Mary would start earlier full time as the administrator.”

Kennedy replaces Kim Moore, who resigned on May 27 after a performance review listed her work as “unsatisfactory.” Moore had been on the job since March 9.

In other business at the 22-minute-long special meeting, the council:

Discussed several items related to the relaxing of the COVID-19 state mandates.

Those included getting the pool open by Monday, June 15, and the city-owned Faribault County Fitness Center and Senior Center opened in the near future as well.

All of the places will have new rules and protocols to keep staff and patrons safe.

Learned the library has already opened Mondays through Fridays, from 1-4 p.m. with new protocols in place as well.

Heard a report from the mayor that Lee Hodges of the Pirates had called and asked if the city would have any restrictions for the baseball field when the governor opens them up.

The council said they would not have any local restrictions and would just follow the state guidelines.