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So far, hardly anyone has filed for local offices

By Staff | Aug 9, 2020

During the first week that filing for local offices was open very few people came in and “tossed their hats into the ring.”

For instance, no one had filed for the three open spots on either the Blue Earth Area or United South Central School Boards until just recently.

Filings for city council and school boards and some other local agencies opened on Tuesday, July 28, and will run through Tuesday, Aug. 11 at 5 p.m. Filings can be done at local city halls or schools. There is a small filing fee.

Most of the mayor positions are for two year terms, while the council seats and school board positions are for four year terms.

The election will be held this fall on Tuesday, Nov. 3, with newly elected persons taking office on Jan. 1, 2021.

Here are the open positions to be filled in Faribault County as well as an update on who has filed as of last Wednesday, Aug. 5:

Delavan The position of mayor now held by Kevin Walker and the council seats held by Merlyn “Butch” Ottesen and Brian Thompson are all open.

Easton The mayor position, currently held by Bryant Stiernagle, and two council seats held by Andrea Neubauer and Jon Rath.

Frost Mayor Bryan Loge’s term is up, as are the council seats held by Jared Bruellman and Lee Lincoln.

Kiester Mayor Rich Goggin, and councilmembers Hope Bauman and Brandon Hagenson are all up this year.

Minnesota Lake The terms of mayor Jeff Ramsley and council members Edie More and Lon Stenzel are up. Ramsley has filed.

Elmore The mayor seat held by Bjorn Olson and council seats held by Ruth Kastner and Sue Dickson will be open.

Dickson and Babette Tallberg have filed for council and Clara Vereide has filed for mayor.

Blue Earth The term of mayor Rick Scholtes and council seats of Dan Warner, Glenn Gaylord and John Huisman all expire this year. The mayor position in Blue Earth is for a four year term.

Scholtes, Gaylord and Huisman have all filed for re-election.

Bricelyn Seats currently held by mayor Dan Klingbeil and council persons Terri Douglas and John Goette are open this year.

Goette has filed.

Wells Mayor David Braun and council persons Cristal Dulas and Brenda Weber have their terms expire this year.

Braun has filed for mayor and Nancy Kruger has filed for council.

Winnebago On the ballot will be the seats held by incumbents mayor Jeremiah Schutt and council members Rick Johnson and Jean Anderson.

Anderson has filed for council.

Blue Earth Area School Board The seats held by Frankie Bly, Susan Benz and Jeff Eckles expire and will be on the ballot.

Jeff Eckles and Lindsay Mensing have filed.

United South Central School Board The seats of current board members Diana Brooks, Brad Heggen and Mike Schrader will be open.

No one has filed.

In addition, there are open seats on some township boards, Blue Earth Public Works Board and other governmental bodies.