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Sturtz resigns as deputy city clerk

By Staff | Sep 13, 2020

Winnebago has begun looking for a new deputy city clerk following the resignation of Jessi Sturtz effective Sept. 11. The Winnebago City Council voted to accept Sturt’s resignation at their meeting Tuesday night, Sept. 8.

Sturtz was an employee of the city for six and one half years.

All of the council members expressed their gratitude to Sturtz and told her she would be missed.

“I am sad to see Jessi go,” council member Rick Johnson said, “I want to thank her for her service, which has been wonderful.”

Because the council had been aware of Sturt’s decision, they have already begun advertising for her replacement and have received two applications as of Sept. 8.

An agreement was also reached with administrative assistant Judy Staloch to move to full-time employment in order to help out until a new deputy city clerk is hired.

The council voted to give Staloch a temporary $4 hour raise.

During the public comment portion of the meeting Amber Patten asked when the playground equipment would be installed by the municipal building.

“Could we utilize some volunteer help to get this project done?” Patten asked.

City administrator Jacob Skluzacek said it looked like it would not be done until next summer.

“I would like to see it done sooner than later,” mayor Jeremiah Schutt said.

Skluzacek told the council he would try and schedule a time for the equipment to be put in place this fall.

The council then moved on to discuss the NW Street and Utility Improvement Project.

“We are currently at or below budget,” Skluzacek told the council.

The council then voted to pay estimate No. 16 for the NW Street and Utility Improvement Project in the amount of $403,870.35.

Sticking with other financial matters, the council voted to renew their contract with Bevcomm for technology services. The monthly cost of this contract if $500.00.

The council also voted to approve contract extensions with B & B Sanitation for rubbish and recycling.

In other financial matters the board voted to move $100,000 from a CD (certificate of deposit) which had matured to the city’s long term savings account because of the higher net rate associated with the savings account (.64 versus .2 for a CD).

A vote was also passed to refinance the city’s G.O. Series 2012A Bonds.

Refinancing will save the city approximately $45,600 over the remaining eight years of the bond’s life. This equals a savings of $5,700 per year.

The council also approved a request from the Winnebago Economic Development Authority (EDA) for an additional $3,000 to be able to provide grant money to all businesses that applied.

The original allocation of $30,000 left one business without grant money assuming all applicants meet the requirements of the grants.

“We will have a better idea of whether we will need to request a second round of grant money once the EDA meets in October,” EDA specialist Annie Leibel said.

Moving on to other business the council approved a policy for the lending of the hotspot devices which are available through the Muir Library.

Some of the requirements of the policy are that the patron must be at least 18 years of age and have an active Muir Library card in good standing.

Each hotspot may be checked out for three weeks and may be renewed in person if there is not another person on the waiting list.

Patrons who lose or damage a hotspot or any of the accompanying materials will incur a replacement fee of $100.

The council also:

Voted to approve a gambling premises permit to the American Legion Post #82 to set up a gaming operation at the Down Town Tavern which is located at 40 Cleveland Ave. W, in Winnebago.

Approved the payment of up to $34,790 for First Avenue Southwest road extension.