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A great place to get married

By Staff | Sep 27, 2020

Everyone is all smiles as they prepare for a wedding inside the new bridal suite located at MTS Farm and Events. Michelle and Troy Stindtman converted an old grain bin into the beautiful suite it is today. This winter the couple plan to add a suite for the groom and groomsmen on the second story of this structure.

Some people may have seen the round tin structure sitting on the farmplace of Michelle and Troy Stindtman and just viewed it for what it was, an old grain bin.

Michelle, however, had a vision and now part of the vision has become a reality.

The Stindtmans own and operate MTS Farm and Events which is located just south of the city of Blue Earth.

And that old round grain bin is now a bridal suite on the ground level with a suite for the groom and his groomsmen under construction above the bridal suite.

“Troy and I got bored and this is what happened,” Michelle says. “Troy did most of the work in building the suite.”

Michelle Stindtman, top photo, stands outside of a former grain bin which has since been converted to a bridal suite by her and her husband Troy. The suite has been a nice addition to the wedding venue the couple operate south of Blue Earth.

Now, when Michelle is giving a tour to prospective clients interested in booking a wedding out at the Stindtman farm, it is often the first thing they want to see.

“I usually show them the bridal suite last even though they want to see it right away,” Michelle comments. “It has been a great addition to our facilities.”

The bridal suite, as Michelle explains, is air conditioned and heated so it can be used any time of the year.

“We consulted with some photographers and they gave us some helpful suggestions on lighting, the ceiling and floor coverings,” Michelle notes. “And now the photographers love to take pictures in the suite.”

The suite has a mixture of natural and artificial lighting, a counter and stools for the bride and bridesmaids to sit in front of mirrors while prepping for the big day. There is plenty of space in the room which started out as a 27 foot diameter grain bin.

“Many of the brides and their bridesmaids have their hair stylist come out here to get their hair done and makeup applied instead of going into a salon,” Stindtman shares. “It really has worked out quite well.”

MTS Farm and Events is not in business just to facilitate weddings and receptions, however.

“We have hosted family reunions, graduation parties, memorial gatherings and anniversary celebrations,” Michelle says. “We are very flexible and try to meet the needs of our clients.”

It is that flexibility which allows them to offer everything from a one-day wedding package to a three-day weekend wedding package.

“For instance, some couples may want to have the groom’s supper here on a Friday, the wedding on a Saturday and then gather back here on Sunday before everybody leaves to go home,” Michelle offers. “We are able to offer those options with our setup.”

The first building someone is apt to notice when they pull onto the Stindtman property is the beautifully remodeled big red barn.

A trip up the steps to the old hayloft reveals a new floor suitable for dancing the night away.

“We have had weddings which featured disco balls and we have also had weddings which were set up for an old-fashioned barn dance,” Michelle states. “It is fun to see what different people will come up with.”

Stindtman shares many of the wedding couples pay for the weddings themselves.

“There are occasions when maybe it is the parent’s only daughter getting married,” she comments. “And then the father will insist he pay for his daughter’s wedding.”

Michelle says she also has a new appreciation for the talent in this area.

“We have many wonderful caterers, amazing photographers and hair stylists residing in the area,” Michelle remarks. “And they all have been great to work with.”

Another draw the Stindtman farm offers to prospective clients is the large outdoor area which may be utilized during events.

“When we are preparing for a Saturday wedding, I begin mowing on Wednesday,” Michelle mentions. “We have a schedule we stick to so everything is ready to go for the big day.”

Like many area businesses, MTS Farm and events has also been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It has definitely hurt the bottom line,” Michelle shares. “We lost some bookings but we were able to reschedule a couple of them. People were very good about scaling back their plans.”

Michelle mentions they can normally accommodate 200-225 people.

“Our COVID capacity, being an outdoor venue is around 100 people,” Michelle says.

MTS has booked weddings with people living close by and some who do not live near Blue Earth.

“About half of our weddings are with couples who live 45 minutes or further away from Blue Earth,” Michelle adds. “We had one couple who was going to be flying people in from Washington D.C. and Florida, but in the end the pandemic caused them to change their plans.”

In the meantime they are hoping to have the groom’s suite ready to go by next year.

“That is our goal,” Michelle states. “It will be our winter project to get it completed.”

And, bookings are picking up again, according to Michelle.

“We hope to get back to full capacity next year,” she says. “We are still having fun and are so excited to be able to be doing this.”