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Changing plans amid COVID

By Staff | Sep 27, 2020

Photo courtesy of Shelby R. Photography

When Blue Earth Area teachers Morgan Mortenson and Luke Beyer became engaged in October of 2019 and chose July 25, 2020 as the date they would tie the knot, they had no idea a worldwide pandemic would wreak havoc in the world and change the way people had to operate in life.

And while many engaged couples struggled with the question of whether to postpone their weddings, Morgan and Luke did not think twice about what they were going to do.

“We had absolutely no thoughts of postponing our wedding,” Morgan says. “We just wanted to get married, that was the important thing.”

And so the couple decided to make it happen.

“We were going to be married at Hope Church in Albert Lea, which is where the venue was reserved for the reception,” Morgan comments. “I am from Dexter so Albert Lea was a convenient location for both sides of our families to travel to.”

Luke was raised on a farm north of Bricelyn but his parents now live in Blue Earth.

“It was decided to have the wedding at my parent’s house,” Luke explains. “We learned that Robyn Beach-Olson, who was raised in that house, was married there in 1996. Robyn told us it’s the lucky place to get married.”

Deciding to get married at his parents house was easy. Now the couple had the task of dealing with the photographer, the DJ, the caterer, and the people who run the site in Albert Lea where they were going to have their reception.

“Overall, the people have been very good to work with,” Morgan says. “We have had to make some adjustments but things are working out pretty well.”

The photographer made some changes to her plans and took photos at the wedding in Blue Earth, according to the couple.

“She is also going to come to the reception and take photos there,” Morgan remarks.

The reception was originally rescheduled from the July 25 wedding day to November of 2020.

“We have since moved the date of the reception back to July of 2021,” Morgan shares. “We are hoping there will not be as many restrictions by then.”

The toughest part of having to change plans has been the difficulty the couple has had finding a DJ for their dance.

“The DJ we had booked for our wedding day is not available the day of our rescheduled reception,” Luke comments.

Of course the other big change in their plans involved reducing their guest list from 260 down to 35.

“The only people at our wedding was our families, the wedding party and the pastor and his wife and the photographers,” Morgan says. “The pastor’s wife played an electric piano and provided the music.”

But the couple has no regrets with how things worked out.

“Having a smaller ceremony almost made the day more meaningful,” Luke states. “It was all about the marriage.”

The couple also realized other benefits from their scaled-down nuptials.

“We were able to serve cake to everybody personally, we both knew everybody who was there,” Morgan notes. “We actually were able to spend time visiting with everyone.”

And the couple made it fun for everyone.

“The meal was kind of special,” Luke says smiling. “We ordered Pizza Hut pizza online and had it delivered. You can’t go wrong with pizza for a meal.”

The couple also had to postpone their honeymoon.

“We had planned a road trip out east,” Morgan explains. “But the quarantine rules in some states made it difficult to make it happen. We will try and go next summer.”

Another way the young couple was fortunate was with the weather.

“Our ceremony was outside and it did rain earlier in the day,” Morgan comments. “But by the time the wedding began the weather was fine.”

And many parts of a traditional wedding were still in place.

“My dad walked me down the aisle and we had a little wedding dance after the ceremony,” Morgan says. “We used a phone for the music playlist. We even played “Baby Shark” for the kids who were there.”

Morgan and Luke are thankful they were able to change their plans without experiencing a financial hit and they offer this advice for other couples having to alter their wedding plans due to COVID.

“There is no point in getting frustrated,” Morgan shares. “Just go with it and make it good.”

Luke agrees and offers some further thoughts on the subject.

“Sometimes, when original plans do not work out, the things you end up doing are so much better,” Luke concludes.