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W’bago’s NW Project almost complete

By Staff | Oct 18, 2020

The Winnebago City Council had a large number of items on their agenda when they met on Oct. 13, for their regular meeting.

Resolutions dealing with the Northwest Street and Utility Improvement Project took up the first part of the meeting.

Bolten and Menk engineers Matt Cole and Travis Winter provided the council with an update on the project.

“The project is coming to a close for the year,” Cole said. “We will do a final walk through next spring and check for any needed repairs as well as doing the final paving.”

Council members then approved paying pay estimate No. 17 for the NW Street and Utility Improvement Project to Holtmeier Construction, in the amount of $557,939.36.

“The project continues to track at or below the projected cost,” Winter, who is also Winnebago’s city engineer, commented.

Next, the council approved change order No. 4 for the NW Project. The change order moved the date for substantial completion from Sept. 24 of this year to Nov. 13.

“Although 2020 was a great year for construction, if you will recall, 2019 was wet and we had a very slow start to the project,” Winter explained.

There is no change in the contract price associated with the change order and it passed unanimously.

The council also passed a resolution declaring the cost to be assessed, and ordering preparation of the proposed assessment list.

Cole and Winter provided the council with five different options for determining assessments.

The council made the decision to adopt the proposal which keeps the average assessment the lowest possible by applying grant money towards the assessments. The average assessment with this option was $8,030.

The resolution states the portion of the improvements to be paid by the city is $8,901,615.75. The portion of the cost to be assessed against benefitted property is $1,273,539.

A resolution designating Nov. 10, as the day for a hearing on the proposed assessments was passed by the council. The hearing will be held in the City Hall and all persons affected by the improvements will be given an opportunity to be heard with reference to their assessment.