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Easton woman to be on HGTV’s “Martha Stewart Knows Best” television show

Kaitlyn Goodrich and her garden tips will be featured Dec. 14

By Kevin Mertens - Staff Writer | Dec 6, 2020

The Goodrich family is pictured on their farm near Easton.

She is not a Master Gardener (yet) and she has not even been gardening for very many years, but on Dec. 14, Kaitlyn Goodrich will be making an appearance on the HGTV show, Martha Knows Best, hosted by Martha Stewart.

“We recorded it awhile ago,” Kaitlyn says. “I do not know if I will be on for two seconds or two minutes. It is supposed to air at 9 and 9:30 a.m.”

The interview was done through the use of computer technology and Kaitlyn says she spoke mostly of storing the vegetables produced from her garden for the winter.

Kaitlyn, her husband Dylan, and their three children, Charlotte, Brooks and Addie, who are age four, two, and four months respectively, live on a farm south of Easton. She is a 2011 graduate of Lake Crystal/Wellcome Memorial High School while Dylan graduated from Blue Earth Area in 2010.

So how does a national television show, which is produced in California, find out about a gardener in Easton who raises and preserves her own food?

“Instagram,” Kaitlyn shares. “I post pictures of what I am doing with my garden along with pictures from Dylan’s family’s farming operation. Somehow, someone connected to the show found my Instagram posts and they contacted me.”

Not that she believed it was real.

“Someone from the show was attempting to get in touch with me and I thought it was fake,” Kaitlyn comments.

Dylan did not know what to believe either.

“It seemed pretty bizarre,” he says.

But, eventually arrangements were made and a time was set up to record a segment through computer video.

“I did not even know which show the interview was for until it began,” Kaitlyn offers.

A person might think Kaitlyn’s love of gardening stems from helping her parents garden as she was growing up.

“Actually, I grew up in a home by a lake and my mom had what I would call a salsa garden,” she says. “Mom maybe had one tomato plant.”

Kaitlyn says her only experience on a farm prior to meeting Dylan was working on a beef farm during her senior year.

“I did get to bale a lot of hay,” she says.

But gardening is not the only way she raises food for their family. She also has some livestock.

“She called me one day and said, ‘Hey Dylan, I bought a cow, how are we going to get it home?'” her husband says smiling.

In addition to the cow they have for milking, the couple also has chickens for eggs and meat, beef cattle and sheep. They also get eggs from the ducks they have on their farm.

“Being on Instagram can be a little dicey at times,” Kaitlyn shares. “Not everybody approves of all of the farming practices we utilize.”

Kaitlyn may be the instigator but Dylan does his part for their operation by baling hay, putting up fence and helping maintain the buildings, as well as helping with chores.

Kaitlyn has grown over 25 different kinds of plants in her garden, everything from sweet corn, herbs, vine plants, potatoes, to brussel sprouts, beans and eggplant. It seems if you can think of it, she has grown it.

“I also have an asparagus patch, rhubarb and berry patches,” she says.

If that is not enough, the couple also has an orchard where they grow apples, pears, plums, peaches and apricots.

“And we tap maple trees to make our own maple syrup,” she adds. “We have also started some vines for growing table grapes.”

So where did this gardening phenom acquire her skills?

“I am basically self-taught,” she answers. “I read books, blogs and watch YouTube.”

She admits part of what she does is due to her stubbornness.

“I was told not to get a milk cow,” Kaitlyn says. “So, of course, I went out and bought one.”

The couple say there was no outside motive for producing so much of their own food.

“It was not for health reasons or to save money, although we have not been to the grocery store for two months.” Dylan says smiling. “We have not figured out how to grow our own coffee beans yet.”

Next, Dylan is working on a small greenhouse so Kaitlyn can garden year around.

“I start most of my plants from seeds,” she says. “I actually have some plants started right now.”

She also offers some advice for young women who are interested in gardening.

“Do not have a baby in August,” she says, laughing. “Being in the late stages of pregnancy and trying to take care of a garden in the summer heat is not fun.”

But she does encourage new gardeners to just “stick with it.”

“Do not quit even when you want to,” Kaitlyn says. “Plant the seeds and go from there.”