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Some races had no one to vote for

By Chuck Hunt - Editor | Dec 6, 2020

There were quite a few places on this past Nov. 3 ballot where the only name as a choice to vote for was “Write In.”

One of those, of course, was the choice for mayor in Winnebago, detailed in another story in this week’s Faribault County Register. But there were several other mayoral races with no candidates listed.

In Walters, a very small town on the eastern side of the county, there was no name listed other than “write in.”

There were 14 write-in votes cast, and the election ended in a tie. Incumbent mayor Stacy Krohnberg had six votes, and so did Jim Schaefer.

Schaefer is going to be the new mayor in Walters, it was announced.

“I talked to him to see if he was willing to accept the job, and he said yes,” current mayor Krohnberg says. “So I agreed to step aside.”

Krohnberg says he did not file to run for mayor again because he decided it was time for him to step down and let someone else come in with some fresh views and ideas.

“I have been mayor for about three terms or more,” Krohnberg says. “I first stepped in as mayor when the former mayor had to resign due to health issues, as I was the deputy mayor back then. I was re-elected several times after that. And, I had been on the council for several years before I became mayor.”

There was also no person listed on the ballot for the office of mayor of Delavan.

There were 50 write in votes cast and current mayor Kevin Walker, who had not filed, received 26 votes. He has verbally accepted to continue as mayor.

Delavan also had an open spot on the ballot for city council. While Fred Calhoun was on the ballot and was elected to the council, the other vacant seat had no name listed.

Max Abdo received 31 of the 52 write in votes cast and he also has verbally accepted the position on the council.

It was the same in the city of Easton. There were two open seats on the council but only one name, incumbent Jon Rath, was listed. He received 101 votes.

Incumbent Andrea Neubauer, who did not file, was the top vote getter out of the 39 write-in ballots, and she has also verbally accepted the position, according to city clerk Rose Doyle.

Three township offices in Faribault County had no names listed on the ballot.

In Verona Township, the office of Town Clerk had no one file and there were 40 write in votes cast.

Incumbent clerk Nina Patten, who had not filed for re-election, received the most write-in votes with eight.

“I have been on the board since 1996 and I am ready to retire,” Patten says. “That is why I did not file. “I took over as clerk from Darlene Mair, a long time ago. It is time for someone new.”

Patten says the town board will meet on Dec. 14 and they will see if they have found someone, other than Patten, to fill the clerk’s position.

Two other township offices, both in Kiester Township, also had no names listed.

There were 33 total write-in votes cast for Kiester Township Supervisor Seat C. Jeff Passer was the highest vote getter with 22 votes.

For Kiester Township Clerk, 21 write-in votes were cast and Krystle Roth had the highest tally with 10.

The Register was unable to learn if either of the two had officially or verbally accepted the positions at this time.

One other office on the ballot with no name was for United Hospital District board member-at-large.

There were a total of 294 write-in votes cast with Ted Armon garnering the most votes with eight.

“Ted has indicated he will accept the position, which is on the UHD governing board, and not the hospital operating board,” says UHD CEO Rick Ash.

It was the second position Armon was elected to on the Nov. 3 ballot. He was also one of the three persons elected to the Blue Earth Area School District Board.

“We did check to see if there was any conflict of interest or other reason Ted couldn’t serve on both boards,” Ash says. “And there is not, according to our attorney.”